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On Vulnerability

Three Obesity Types

I am Complete.

An Alternative Solution to the Body-Size Problem

My Preferences Matter

Dieting is So Much Harder than it Looks.

Intuitive: Without Conscious Reasoning or Rational Thought

Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss - Diet Review

Unrealistic Expectations - False Hope Syndrome

Healthism: the modern religion

The Secret Life of Fat - Book Review

Our Weight is Regulated by Our Biological System

What Size Are You REALLY?

Is it a Plateau?

Status Update - June 2017

Eat Small to BE Small

Fasting is No Better For You Than Regular Calorie Restriction - new Scientific Study

Binge = Response to Starvation

Status Update - February 2017

Eating Toward Immortality

Portion Size & Measurements

About the Scales

Balancing Values

Election Stress

Diet Experts & My Opinion

Dieting: The Alternative

A Fork in the Road

Target Audience

Growing Old Gracefully

My Petite Meals

The Body is Not an Ornament; it's a Vehicle.

Be Authentic?

Intermittent Fasting & the Dangling Carrot - Diet Review

Making a Diet (or Way-of-Eating or Lifestyle Change) into a Religion

Good Food, Bad Food

That Lost Weight? The Body Finds it.

Habits are the Solution, Not the Problem

Before & After Photos - Weight History

Weight Loss Goals

The Currency of Weight is Calories

Intermittent Fasting via 5-Bites

Projections about the Rate of Weight-Loss

A Truth to Remember

In Tune with your Body???

Overweight means you live longer.

Fasting and Hunger

Perspective 101

End of the Line

Why Are Fat People Hungry?

Eating Boundaries - New Experiment

The Real Deal on Maintenance After a Large Weight-Loss

Change your DEFINITION - Eliminate your PROBLEM

Why Do Dieters Regain Their Lost Weight?

Biological Adaptations that Promote Weight Regain

Failed Diets and Current Maintenance Status

Natural Eating Perspective

Size Diversity

The Dolly Diet - Diet Review

Freedom of Choice

Remember ... You Asked.

Long-Term Weight-Loss Almost Impossible

Diet Fix - Dieting Myth #13: Our Weights Should Be Ideal

Efforts vs. Results

Calorie Denialism

More About the Starvation Mode Myth

How Fast...How Much...Weight Lost After Gastric Bypass?

Fighting the Urge - Book Review

The Issue of Healthy Eating

It is STILL a Diet

Maintenance Status Report - January 2014


Real Food

It's not ME, It's YOU


Dressing to Please the Fat Bigots

You Can't Outrun Your Fork

A Calorie Deficit?

Designed to show a False Result? - Research Project of Gary Taubes / NUSI

Conflicting Desires

Running DOWN the UP Escalator - Weight Loss & Maintenance

About Salt

150 Pounds

How Long Does Losing Weight Take?

Why Diets Fail - The Salt/Water/Waste Issue

More About Calories

Breaking Bad Habits

Stop When You're Full? - Intutive Eating 3 - Diet Review

Eat When You're Hungry? - Intuitive Eating 2 - Diet Review

Does the Body Tell Us WHAT food to eat? - Intutive Eating 1 - Diet Review

How I'm Supposed to Feel

Ditching Diets - Book Review

Calorie Dectective - Lying Food Labels

Healthy Eater?

No Cure

Does Eating Fruit and Veggies Lower Weight?

Unrealistic Expectations

We Are Going to Die.

Diets Work

Changing is Hard

Extra Food because I Exercised

Advertising Guidelines???

Fear of Fat

The End of 2012

Attitude About the Problem

Thoughts About Hunger

The Chubby Side of Normal

The Fat Trap

History of the USDA Food Pyramid

In Defense of Food - Book Review

Cultural Bias

One can Entertain a Thought Without Accepting it.

Sometimes Hunger is a Lie

Healthful Eating?

What if modern Theories about Food & Digestion are Wacked.

The Difference Between Causation and Correlation

Being Resilient

A New Perspective

Outrunning the Old Overweight You

What is Junk Food?

Points Worth Considering

You Can Do Hard Things

Binge Avoidance + Adaptive Thermogenesis

Running and Exercise Abuse

Eat Less Move More?

Snack Yourself Slim - Book Review

A Fresh Start?

Food Restrictions?

Buttons for VidCon 2012

More About Priorities

Be Patient

Weight-Loss in a Nutshell

What Love Means - Ask Grandma - Episode Thirty-four

Thinking about Habits

Personal Worth

What Love Means

Pleasing People

Expecting Perfection

Update on The No S Diet - Diet Review

The Fat Trap


Holiday Moderation

Holiday Season 2011

Intuitive Eating and the No S Diet




Burnout or Stress

Redefining Normal


Hunger, Appetite, and Cravings

Is Bingeing an Eating Disorder?


Going to VidCon


Awareness and Confidence

How Often Should We Eat?

Dieting a 24/7 commitment

Fall on your face

Be Who You Are

Doing the Impossible


Habits & Dieting

Protein Requirement

The Best Diet Plan


Making Mistakes


In Denial

New Beginings

Words Are Labels For Concepts

Sugar Binges

Nobody's Perfect

Experimenting with Diets

Becoming The Person You Want To Be

Calorie Counting

Starvation Mode

Body Mass Index: What about the BMI?

Portion Control

My own Accountability


The Essence of Diets - Part Two

The No S Diet - Diet & Book Review

You Can Choose to Think Differently.

Setting a Goal Weight Range

The Scale and the Big Picture

What About the Scales?

Dieting as a 'means to an end'.

An Experiment of One

Taubes - Chapter 19 - Following Through

Taubes - Chapter 18 - Nature of a Healthy Diet

Taubes - Chapter 12 - Why I Get Fat and You Don't (or Vice Versa)

Taubes - Chapter 10 - History of Lipophilia

Taubes - Chapter 06 - Thermodynamics for Dummies, Part 1

Taubes - Chapter 04 - Twenty Calories a Day

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Mar 01, 2020
DietHobby: A Digital Scrapbook.
2000+ Blogs and 500+ Videos in DietHobby reflect my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all, and I address many ways-of-eating whenever they become interesting or applicable to me.

Jun 01, 2019
DietHobby is my Personal Blog Website.
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May 01, 2017
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