Eating Boundaries - New Experiment

- POSTED ON: Jul 21, 2015


My 3 Principles investigation is still ongoing, however, today I am setting some new eating boundaries for myself ... which means I'm starting another new-diet-experiment-of-one. 

I'm not ready to share specific details of my own personal plan, but it is based on the information and recommendations provided by the Canadian kidney doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, at www. Intensive Dietary Management.

My current experiment will be different than any diet that I've previously tried, although (of course) many built-in similarities do exist between this specific diet experiment and some of my past diet experiments.

I will be continuing with my practice not to share details about a diet experiment while it is still ongoing.  So, why even share this much? Because I want to, and since this is my own personal Blog, I can.

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On Jul 22, 2015 AJ wrote:
You're a tease, Phyllis :)

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