Simple Eating Boundaries
- POSTED ON: Jun 29, 2015


My current path is to experiment with various Diets, Ways-of-Eating, Lifestyles, "non-diets" in a random manner .......
....... whenever it seems to me that one of these might become helpful in my own weight-loss and maintenance.

Previously I shared that in the last few months, I've been investigating the "3 Principles" concept, with a focus as to how that might impact my own ways of eating.

DietHobby's Blog Category - The 3 Principles contains several videos of Julian Frasier, who claims weight-loss success based on his understanding of the 3 Principles. In a recent video I saw him make the following statement about what led to his weight-loss:

"I realized it's all made up.
It's Just Thought.
I stopped following my urges to go and eat."

I found this statement to be quite meaningful, and have been pondering it for a while now, wondering if, and how, it might apply in my own situation.  At this point what seems to be clear to me that every type of eating I engage in involves some type of "urge to eat".  So for me to eat ANYTHING always involves a choice of WHICH eating urges to follow or not follow at any given moment. 

I have learned that my own physical hunger pattern is dependent upon whatever eating pattern that I establish.  Eating a lot makes me physically hungry for a lot of food.  Consistently eating very little makes me physically hungry for very little food.  However, my own extensive study
and experimentation with "Intuitive Eating" has shown me that - for me personally - the "hunger and fullness" concept is far too vague to be useful. For past writings on the Intuitive Eating concept, check out DietHobby's ARCHIVES.

For the past ten+ years I've counted and recorded the calories in the foods that I eat daily, - even when I was experimenting with Intuitive Eating plans - and this counting-recording process has become a sustainable habit for me.  However, it seems clear to me that for right now, In order for me to continue with my current 3 Principles experiment re eating, I need to set some additional, simple, eating boundaries for myself.

Personal Diet Experimentation
- POSTED ON: Apr 23, 2014


The No S Diet by Reinhard Engels is a diet book that I recommend, and there are several articles discussing that diet in the DietHobby Archives.  I recently received and answered a question in a forum that I frequent, and due to its relevancy, decided to also post it here. 


A Forum member wrote

I realize I've never understood how you use No S.
Do you stick to 3 meals, but also track calories?
And continue to experiment with food types or limiting calories?

Although I have personally dealt with severe obesity, for all of my life, I have no ultimate answers or ultimate solutions for people who are severely obese. I've come up with personal observations and possible solutions, and here in my personal blog, DietHobby, I talk about these issues a great deal. I've made no secret of the fact that my own personal weight-loss and maintenance requires constant vigilance, and ongoing experimentation.

 In my opinion,  "Diet Head" is a negative term useful only for those who are exhausted with their dieting failures, and who wish to avoid taking further personal responsibility for their own ongoing food choices. I reject that concept, and I have learned that ... for me...any short term "peace" that comes from giving up personal vigilance over my food and weight issues has always resulted in a very rude (and unmerciful) awakening.

My own choice is to consistently approach my food intake mindfully, to be constantly aware of how my food and my weight relate to each other, and to purposely choose to view "dieting" issues as an enjoyable "hobby".

  I understand why people would feel they don't have a clear understanding of my personal dieting practices. My own personal diet / food-plan / way-of-eating has a great deal of flexibility.

The only thing that I am concisely "rigid" about is my choice to track and log ALL of my food EVERY DAY into a computer software food journal. I have done this every day since September 20, 2004... It is now an enjoyable HABIT, and my computer history tells me that "0 out of 3503 days have missing data".

 My computer food journal automatically gives me access to extensive nutritional information about my food, including calories. I see that information ...

The Habit Concept
- POSTED ON: Feb 13, 2014

Habit formation is an important goal for behavior change interventions 
because habitual behaviors are elicited automatically
and are therefore likely to be maintained.

All habitsno matter how large or smallhave three components, according to neurological studies.

  • a cuea trigger for a particular behavior;
  • a routine, which is the behavior itself;  and
  • a reward, which is how your brain decides whether to remember a habit for the future.

The two basic rules for forming a Habit are:

First, find a simple and obvious cue.
Second, clearly define the rewards.

According to Scientists, Habits are so powerful because they create neurological cravings.  Most of the time, these cravings emerge so gradually that we’re not really aware they exist. But as our brains start to associate certain cues (a bakery box!) with certain rewards (yummy pastry!), a subconscious craving emerges. And so whenever we see the bakery box in the break room we start craving a pastry—even if, just moments before, we weren't hungry at all.

If you can identify the right cue and reward—and if you can create a sense of craving—you can establish almost any habit.




For the past six years I've been interested in the well-thought-out Habit concepts of The No S Diet, and at  present, I am very focused on turning some specific Behaviors into Habits.


No S Diet vs. Intuitive Eating
- POSTED ON: Nov 01, 2012

If I am "building castles in the air"
I am dreaming grandiose dreams without any foundation.

Building castles in the air is NOT however to be confused with dreaming big dreams
and then planning through the steps necessary to make those dreams a reality.

A member of a forum I frequent, recently asked:

“Just curious. What about No S vs. Intuitive Eating?”

Here is my take on these two concepts

No S accepts that it is a diet,
and gives specific and objective (although flexible) rules...such as:
"No snacks, no sweets, no seconds except ..sometimes..on days beginning with S".

Intuitive Eating is one of those diets that refuses to admit it is a diet,
and gives vague and subjective rules...such as:
"Eat only when hungry, eat what you want, stop when you're full".

No S relies on the principle that: when a person who is interested in moderation,
sees and actually realizes the amount of food they are eating,
they will choose to reduce that amount,
and through that behavior, they will achieve and maintain a more normal bodyweight.

Intutive Eating relies on the principle that: when a person gets rid of outside rules,
....except for the Intuitive Eating rules about eating when hungry etc....
and relies on their BODY to tell them what and how much to eat,
that their own body signals will cause them to reduce the amounts they eat
and eventually acheive and maintain a normal bodyweight.
(Note: This is a diet used by many "eating disorder experts",
although it has absolutely zero scientific basis, and a dismal success rate

No S is objective and primarily based on common sense.
Intutitive Eating is subjective and primarily based on magic

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the No S Diet, and/or
the diet-that-says-it-isn’t-a-diet concept known as “Intitutive Eating
can learn more about these from reading some of my past articles
which are contained here in the ARCHIVES of DietHobby.
Some specific links are:


"The No S Diet” (2008), by Reinhard Engels is a book and diet plan that I’ve discussed and r...

Update on The No S Diet
- POSTED ON: Jan 10, 2012

I believe that this is not a one-size-fits-all world,
and that every diet doesn't work for everyone,
but  every diet works for someone.

That said, I'll admit that I have my own personal biases and prejudices.
I've written about them here and there in various articles here on DietHobby,
and you can find them in the Archives section. 

Personally, I'm strongly opposed to the concept of Intuive Eating
as a means to lose weight or maintain weight-loss. 
I've read many books about it. 
I've attended seminars on it.
I've experimented with it.
I've spent a great deal of time observing others who try it out.

My conclusion is that ... for anyone who has a long-term problem with obesity ...
Intiutive Eating is simply wishful thinking, and it almost never works.

I am a great believer in using a computer software program 
to daily track one's food intake ... forever. 
I've written a very great deal about that,
and although my own personal favorite is DietPower,
any such software program that you can learn and use will work well. 

I've experimented quite a lot with various low-carb diets,
and with alternate day eating, and I frequently incorporate elements
of those plans into my own eating plans. 

One Diet that I am quite taken with, is the No S Diet. 
While I do not follow it myself, I have incorporated many of its concepts.
It is a simple plan, and its theme of moderation is a sound one. 
Although it is ineffective for many, as a stand-alone-diet, 
It can be a behavior base for many other diets,
and with a few modifications can become an excellent plan for almost everyone. 

The book, The No S Diet is simple, well-written, and quite excellent. 
I've read it many times, and have purchased copies for friends. 
You can find an extensive review of it

Here is a recent testimonial from a long-time user of the No "S" diet.  

I'm nervous and excited about finally writing this because I love No S so much and want to sing it to the high heavens, and not after just the honeymoon phase of success. At age 58 and two years, this marriage is going to last! 

I can’t be a source of hope for anyone who is trying to get into the low end of his/her BMI range, but there are others who can. However, No S HAS SAVED MY EATING LIFE AND MY SANITY AROUND FOOD. In 2 years, I’ve gone from 185 to 161 (13% of my weight) and am still losing. Not the huge drops some have, but I had some setbacks, and yet I’m stronger now than ever, unlike most people who follow traditiona...

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