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- POSTED ON: Mar 01, 2016

My weight has yo-yoed all during my lifetime. I began dieting in puberty, for weight-loss and for maintenance, and I continued doing so during every year of the next 60+ years. 

During non-dieting months, my weight increased. At three separate times in my life, I successfully lost 100+ pounds, and a great many times, i lost 30 to 50 pounds.


The borderline between
a “normal” and an “overweight” BMI  is 25

The borderline between
an “overweight” and an “obese” BMI is 30.

As a child, my weight was normal. As a teenager-young adult my body fluctuated between a 21 & 24 BMI

At age 20, after the birth of my first child, my body had a 36 BMI. Several years later it dropped to a 23 BMI

My body rose to a 43 BMI. Several years later it dropped to a 26 BMI. 

About 24 years ago, at age 47,  My body reached a 52.9 BMI, and I had a RNY gastric bypass,
with no removal of any intestine, which means that all the food I eat is still digested. 

Since that time:

24 yrs ago  = 271 lbs = BMI 52.9 - weight-loss-surgery
21 yrs ago  = 160 lbs = BMI 31.2
- low weight without dieting AFTER weight-loss-surgery
12 yrs ago = 190 lbs  = BMI 37.1 -
regained weight while dieting AFTER weight-loss-surgery
11 yrs ago = 115 lbs = BMI 22.5
- weight-loss after diet using computer food journal
Past 11 yrs = maintenance (115-130 lbs) BMI 20.3 at my lowest; BMI 27.3, at my highest

The chart below is a helpful way to visualize my Maintenance Weight Range.


Here are a few of my AFTER pictures.

45 years ago, age 26, BMI 23.6

27 years ago, age 44, BMI 27.4

11 years ago, age 60, BMI 22.5

10 years ago, age 61, BMI 20.5

There are over 300 videos of ME-in-my-maintenance-weight-range doing what I do,  at my website,  DietHobby.  More detailed information can be found in the ABOUT ME section of DietHobby.

There are no BEFORE pictures of me online.

I don’t share BEFORE pictures.
If I wanted people to see me fat, I would have stayed fat.

However, those curious can get a fairly accurate idea of how I looked during the fat stages in my life by visualizing a fat version of my face on Mama Cass's body. To help do that, here's a music video of California Dreamin', with Mama Cass.

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On Mar 03, 2016 AJ wrote:
You look lovely in all your pictures. I loved the Mamas and the Papas. Mama Cass had a unique voice.

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