Fall on your face

- POSTED ON: Jul 01, 2011



To fall on your face means
 to fail or make a mistake in an embarrasing way.

The ony things in this world we can keep
are our thoughts and our actions.
Sometimes, to take action,
what we need is a change in our thoughts.
It can help to look at things in a new way.

Remember, when we fall short of our goals, it's okay.
No amount of personal mistakes will cause us to fall off the earth,
and no matter how stupid we look, we will still survive.

We are human.
We want approval for our actions.
We want shiny things, money, fame, a lean body, good health.

 But these rewards are not guaranteed,
AND they do not have the importance we give them.
Because none of them will ultimately hold off death,
not even good health.

Failing teaches us to accept ourselves more deeply.
When we fail, we can pick ourselves up again.

Realizing that we will always ultimately fail can free us.
It can make us free of the need to prove our ability;
free of the need to earn and hold on to rewards from others;
and free from everyone's definition of success but our own.

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Existing Comments:

On Jul 01, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I think even the ability to communicate fails often, especially in written form. If I included all of the parameters for an idea, the exceptions, the qualifiers, etc... I would need a lot of space. And then, someone, somewhere might msitake something. However, if I realize that my postings will fail in conveying all of my meaning, I then plunge post away. Your ability to look beyond the typos and this inadequency is quite freeing and enjoyable.

On Jul 01, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen. Accepting my own mistakes and inadequacies is the only thing that allows me to write in this Blog and to make videos. Making mistakes is a familiar practice of mine. I've made a great many mistakes in my life, and I expect that I will make quite a lot more. I work to be kind to myself about them, and just go forward...taking the next step; and doing the next indicated thing.

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