- POSTED ON: Oct 11, 2011

DietHobby has active for 7 months now,
and as one can see by the archives,
during that time I’ve posted a great many articles.

Now that DietHobby is established,
I’ve decided to experiment
with a more irregular posting schedule.
My plan is to post new articles several times a week,
but not necessarily every day.

Those who’ve registered at DietHobby have the option
of receiving e-mail notices telling them
when a new Blog or News article is posted,
and if they’ve made a comment on an article,
they also receive a notice of additional comments on that article.

So, registered users who allow notification will know when I’ve posted.
Those users who haven’t registered will still see frequent posts when they check in,
and if they don’t see a new post, they can go to the Archives
and pick one of the many past articles to read.

I receive an e-mail every time someone makes a comment,
so please continue to make comments on any current or past article.

This is just one more experiment in my life of ongoing experiments.
My plan is to give myself more flexibility in my posting schedule,
and I want viewers who come here daily to know about that plan.

Sometimes I will post daily, and sometimes I will post less frequently.
This doesn't mean I'm ill, or away, or depressed or binging.
It just means that, at that moment, I need to spend my time another way.

I'm still going to be here,
and I hope you will be too. 

Leave me a comment.

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Existing Comments:

On Oct 12, 2011 TexArk wrote:
Thanks for what you do. I know it has been time consuming to post daily for 7 months. Hopefully, you now have a following that will check in regularly. I do keep up with your posts but life is taking me away from posting comments very often. I think I am officially in maintenance mode for now and on Oct. 15 I will have completed one year of entering into DP. I will continue to do that, but may be absent from the boards for awhile. I still will make my morning rounds, however, and look forward to your posts.

On Oct 12, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi, TexArk, I always appreciate receiving comments. I understand that less than five percent of people reading blogs ever make a comment, and in fact, I seldom do it myself. Only a few comments here is actually a good thing for me right now because right now I am being totally overwhelmed with comments at DietHobby's companion YouTube site, in response to my "Ask Grandma" videos.

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