Making Mistakes

- POSTED ON: May 15, 2011





We all make mistakes.
It is simply a part of every life.
This lifestyle change that we are involved in is not easy.
Anything of real value never is.

Success requires hard work, dedication and sacrifice.
It's a lot more than counting calories, fat or carbs.
It means there are days you look in the mirror
and you tell yourself that unless you alter some of your behavior,
you are not going to be the success you hope to be.

 I know, I am there. I am learning,
I am moving forward, even on the days that I feel like giving up.

We live in a world that suggests "magic" and "easy" at every twist and turn.
We have come to believe that if we simply buy a potion or pill,
subscribe to a web-site and buy a video, health and happiness instantly occurs.
But truly, it's very hard work and sometimes it’s hard work I don't enjoy.

A half-cup of plain 0% Fage yogurt
gets me to my goal quicker than several cookies,
but I don't always want the yogurt.
I have to talk myself out of poor choices daily.
But when I make the right choice
I am acknowledging that my goals have value.

I deserve success just as much as anyone else does.
I have to work for it, sacrifice for it.
We are not called to be perfect;
we are called to put forth our best effort every day.

It's not always glamorous.
Most days it's putting one foot in front of the other
and walking the walk.

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Existing Comments:

On May 15, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Good morning Phyllis :) I am feeling your message today as I am guilty of doing lots of nothing :-O Thanks for the thinspiration <3

On May 15, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimber, You can succeed. Just start moving forward.

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