Status Update - June 2017

- POSTED ON: Jun 09, 2017

As part of maintaining a large Weight-loss for more than 11 years, here at DietHobby I sometimes share my personal weight and calorie numbers, along with Tactics that I’ve used to help me in Maintenance. 

Treating Dieting as a Hobby (see: ABOUT ME) involves the ongoing task of finding or creating ways to keep myself interested in detailed issues involving Weight-Loss and Maintenance, as well as how MY own body responds to those various issues.

As part of my own Maintenance journey, I’ve experimented with many different diets, and as part of that process I’ve created various ways to track my progress.   When I first began experimenting with Alternate Day Fasting, back in 2006, I created a chart like the one on this page in order to better track how my daily weight reacted to UP days and DOWN days.  I liked this visualization and so I continued using this chart format after I completed my first ADF experiments. 

This first chart shows my actual weight and calories from May 23, 2017 through today, June 9, 2017.

The second chart shows a 10 week Summary of those charts from April 2, 2017 through June 4, 2017.

The first chart shows that on May 23, I weighed 131.0 (red shows a gain from the previous day).

This morning, June 9, I weighed 128.2 (green shows a loss from the previous day). 

So, 131.0 minus 128.2 equals 2.8, which means that my weight dropped 2.8 lbs. in the past 16 days.

During that 16 days, my average calorie intake was 594 per day.



The next chart shows that on the week ending on April 2, my 7 day average weight was 134.5.
On the week ending on June 4, my 7 day average weight was 130.7. 

So, 134.5 minus 130.7 equals 3.8, which means that my weight dropped 3.8 lbs. in the past 10 weeks.

During that 10 week period, my average calorie intake was 669 per day.

A 3.8 loss averaged out over 10 weeks is an average weekly weight loss of 0.38.

So this shows that
during the past 10 weeks I lost about  1/3 of 1 lb. per week while eating about 669 calories per day.

When others look at MY own personal numbers, it is important to remember that I am a small, inactive, "reduced obese" elderly woman. 

It is not a one-size-fits-all-world so my experience may be vastly different from your own.

Even people who are the SAME size, age, and activity levels often have bodies with different metabolisms. Some bodies burn through their fuel like large luxury cars, and some bodies burn fuel like really efficient economy cars.  The Metabolic Process is an involuntary one, like breathing and temperature, and .... despite what many Diet Guru's, including medical doctors, say, ... an individual's voluntary behavior can do almost nothing to change their personal long-term Metabolic Rate.

To see previous detailed information, including more of my thoughts and comments, see my most recently posted charts in Status Update - February 2017, and the DietHobby section:  BLOG CATEGORIES, Status Updates which provides many posts about my personal progress, including detailed charts spanning my past 12+ dieting years.

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Existing Comments:

On Jun 19, 2017 Kae wrote:
"my weight dropped 3.8 lbs. in the past 10 weeks" let's focus on this ^ congratulations!

On Jun 19, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi, Kimber, 3.8 down is far better than 3.8 up. Congratulations to you too.

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