You Can Choose to Think Differently.

- POSTED ON: Feb 22, 2011

Someone who is still Fat recently told me that they didn't want Thoughts about Weight/Food/Exercise to "Rule their Life".

 I had no way to Help them toward that Goal of Mindlessness, because Thoughts about Weight/Food/Exercise have ALWAYS "Ruled MY Life."

I did not spend any less time Thinking about those issues when I was Fat than I do now. The difference is that when I was Fat my Thoughts were not accompanied by Action, while during my weight-loss period ...and now inside Maintenance... my Thoughts about those issues are now more positive and productive.

I frequently hear things like:
“I don’t want to THINK about my eating.”
“I don’t want to be obsessed with thoughts of food.”

Terms like Diet Mentality or Diet Head are commonly usedto denote the negative feelings people have abouttheir need to monitor their eating behavior for weight-control.
All of us tend to seek the easier, softer way. and almost all Diets promise us one.
Dieting is treated as a matter of “get in…get out”.Find the problem..fix it. ..and then “get on with your life:. which implies that once you’ve remedied the problemthat you can
“leave it behind”.

Most diet book authors tell us that they have faced a weight problemeither themselves personally or as medical professionals,
…sometimes both………and that they have found a solution, and they are writing that book to tell you what it is.

Perhaps they are writing for their own personal fulfillment or perhaps for financial profit. Still, they want to tell you what to do to FIX your problem. …and in the dieting world, fixing your problem means getting rid of fat.

Do you have a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual problem? No matter, despite the source, or the reason….
A Solution is promised.
A Solution is the answer to a problem.
A Solution resolves, finalizes, and eliminates the problem.

But Life IS continuous. The end of life is Death.
And eating will always be a major part of life, whether or not eating is a thoughtful conscious process.

The dieting promises of a “Solution” are illusory.
The Goal of getting thin and arriving at a place where eating is primarily “unconscious”.is an very ineffective goal, because for a reduced obese person,unconscious eating invariably results in fat gain.

I’ve replaced that Goal with one less impracticable.My current Goal is to continue putting forth the consistent effort that it takes to maintain my weight-loss.This means I plan to keep using my mind to control my body’s food-intake.

I choose to think Differently about the dieting process. I don’t use negative terms like Diet Mentality and Diet Head.
I’ve chosen to make all those issues part of a positive DietHobby.
 I changed my mind…from negative to positive.


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Existing Comments:

On Feb 22, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I think anything in life that is worthwhile requires ongoing work, learning, attention to detail. I consider my health a tiptop priority, just like my marriage, children or money. Keeping at a healthy weight will require me to always be conscious of it. The isle of denial got me fat. Awareness will keep me slim.

On Feb 28, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, you really have the right idea.

On Feb 24, 2011 beatlesFreak wrote:
I agree with you. Just like acne is incurable and if you suffer, you have to put on topical treatments every day, you have to be conscious of your eating every day. It gets easier with time (in my opinion), but no matter what, more calories in than out will always result in weight gain. There's just no cure-all for that.

On Feb 28, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             beatlesFreak, I am very interested in Gary Taube's low carb theories, and am currently experimenting with them, but at this point I definitely do agree with you.

On Mar 08, 2011 Selkie wrote:
This is the crux of unconscious eating. If we don't think about what we are going to put into our mouths BEFORE we do, we will (nearly always) eat what FEELS good to us, but is not necessarily good FOR us. Making this personal, any weight loss success I have had has been when I wake up in the morning thinking about the day's intake and followed through with the planned action. Without thinking, there is no planning; without planning, bad choices inevitably follow.

On Mar 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Selkie, I agree with your statements. Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion.

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