Holiday Season 2011

- POSTED ON: Dec 16, 2011


Ordinarily, in our house, the Christmas season
begins the weekend after Thanksgiving.
That's when we start decorating the house,
putting up the tree etc. 

Yesterday I decorated the Christmas tree,
and got out the Christmas candles, etc. 

This unusual behavior has happened this year
because I've been so incredibly busy
with all of my online activity. 

In just 9 days it will be Christmas,
and I have not yet bought ONE present.
Christmas shopping isn't going to happen until next week, 
because the next couple of days
I need to work on getting the videos done
that are supposed to go online on Christmas weekend. 

 Who knew that all of this would take so much time? 
My web-genius son keeps telling me that 
soon I'll become more efficient at maintaining my YouTube channel
and this will all take less energy and effort.

It had Better.
Because there are new diet books out there to read,   
and many other things that I want to do. . write and post articles here in this website
on more interesting topics ....

My Dieting Hobby is a Lifestyle...that means
it continues throughout all of the many changes and activities of my life.  
Every day I log in all my food into my DietPower software.
I keep working to keep my calories down,
...sometimes successfully..and sometimes not...
I keep putting forth the Effort it takes to maintain my weight-loss. 

The Christmas season involves exposure to many additional food treats,
and handling that without an enormous weight gain is just as difficult for me now, 
as it has been in all of my previous Christmas seasons. 
My change body weight hasn't changed 
the food desires of my mind and my emotions.

People don't spent a lot of time telling us that. 
The mindset is..."I'll just take off the weight, and then it won't be a problem"
My own experience, and my observation of others 
tells me that this mindset is just totally wrong. 

It will always take work. 
It takes more work for some than it does for others
but it becomes intuitive for almost no one.

I Accept that, and I am willing to do what it takes
to enjoy myself and my life
while engaging in my Dieting Hobby. 

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Existing Comments:

On Dec 16, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
The Christmas season involves exposure to many additional food treats, and handling that without an enormous weight gain is just as difficult for me now,  as it has been in all of my previous Christmas seasons. ****This is very true. Practicing appropriate eating strategies never stops because the challenges do not stop. Hoping to resume proper portion control in January after excesses in December is putting off an excellent opportunity for learning and perfecting skills of balance whatever the eating plan. People mean well when advising to not worry about dieting during the holidays, but facing mounting debt or pounds in January is not a good choice either. When, your time and desire permits, I would enjoy reading about your thoughts on JUDDD and other forms of calorie cycling efforts.

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