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The Root of Joy is Gratefulness

HeartBreak and Outrage

So Many Lies

Karma Called

Help from Concerned Others can be very Unhelpful.

An Alternative Solution to the Body-Size Problem

Unrealistic Expectations - False Hope Syndrome

Dreams Do NOT Always Come True

Shooting the Messenger Does Not Solve the Problem.

The Value of Food Photos

Fat Cells are Forever

Manipulating One's Body Size

Calorie Restriction = Calorie Restriction.

Fasting is No Better For You Than Regular Calorie Restriction - new Scientific Study

Status Update - February 2017

Eating Toward Immortality

I have Not Failed.

Weight-Loss Alternative Facts

Election Stress

Dieting: The Alternative

A Fork in the Road

Growing Old Gracefully

Making a Diet (or Way-of-Eating or Lifestyle Change) into a Religion

Good Food, Bad Food

That Lost Weight? The Body Finds it.

Diet Books are Full of Lies

Secret Messages

If Ophra Can't Do it, Can it Be Done?

The Currency of Weight is Calories

Many Common Phrases Just Aren't True

Projections about the Rate of Weight-Loss

When Can Women Stop Trying to Look Perfect?

Why I Struggle for Weight-Loss and Maintenance of Weight-Loss

Food Does Not Have A Moral Value.

Experimenting with Subtraction

Body Weight Calculator - Timeline Projections

Body of Truth - Book Review

Overweight means you live longer.

You Get What You Get (and don't throw a fit)

BMI Classifications and Emotional Eating

Ten Steps to Eating Perfectly

Dark Chocolate Is Not Good For You And Also Sucks

Does Fasting Make You Fat?

Crying with a Cookie in Your Hand

Change your DEFINITION - Eliminate your PROBLEM

I'm Not Going to Miss You

Correct My Mind?

Failed Diets and Current Maintenance Status

Natural Eating Perspective

Eating Kale Doesn't Make You a Better Person.

MORE than Food?

Long-Term Weight-Loss Almost Impossible

No Rescue Needed

Overruling the Body

Would it be Easier to be Thin?


You Can't Outrun Your Fork

It's Not Really About the Fat - Health At Any Size

Biggest Loser, an example of televised exercise fraud


About Salt

DietHobby, my Digital Scrapbook

Calories: Males vs. Females

Interpretating Peptides, Food Intake, and Body Weight


I'll Be Happy WHEN...

If it Involves Eating, It's a Diet

More About Calories

More on Intermittent Fasting

Calorie Dectective - Lying Food Labels

21 Days to Form a Habit?

Obesity Myth: "Slow Weight Loss is Easier to Keep Off"

We Are Going to Die.

Why We Diet

The End of 2012

The Chubby Side of Normal

The Fat Trap - Follow-up

The Fat Trap

Afraid To Do Things Wrong?

Are GMO's Frankenfoods?

Media says: For Happiness, Eat More Fruits & Veggies

Points Worth Considering

Wheat Belly - Book Review


You Can Do Hard Things

Realities of Weight-Loss Maintenance

Weight-Loss in a Nutshell

When you've Got to Go.

Update on The No S Diet - Diet Review

The Fat Trap

Hunger After Weight-Loss

Checking In


I Think I Can

Processed Foods Are Powerful

What is Hope?


Slipping in Maintenance

Kindness and Body Image


Better than what?

Barefoot Running

Guidelines for DietHobby

Our Expression

Nobody's Perfect

Calorie Accountability

Starvation Mode

What is the Best Way To Diet?

Setting a Goal Weight Range

A Thousand Words AND Pictures

Taubes - Chapter 19 - Following Through

Taubes - Chapter 18 - Nature of a Healthy Diet

Taubes - Chapter 16 - History on the Fattening Carbohydrate

Taubes - Chapter 11 - Primer on Regulation of Fat

Taubes - Chapter 10 - History of Lipophilia

Taubes - Chapter 09 - Laws of Adiposity

Taubes - Chapter 08 - Head Cases

Taubes - Chapter 07 - Thermodynamics for Dummies, Part 2

Taubes - Chapter 06 - Thermodynamics for Dummies, Part 1

Taubes - Chapter 04 - Twenty Calories a Day

Taubes - Chapter 03 - Elusive Benefits of Exercise

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DietHobby is a Digital Scrapbook of my personal experience in weight-loss-and-maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all. Every diet works for Someone, but no diet works for Everyone.
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Mar 01, 2020
DietHobby: A Digital Scrapbook.
2000+ Blogs and 500+ Videos in DietHobby reflect my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all, and I address many ways-of-eating whenever they become interesting or applicable to me.

Jun 01, 2019
DietHobby is my Personal Blog Website.
DietHobby sells nothing; posts no advertisements; accepts no contributions. It does not recommend or endorse any specific diets, ways-of-eating, lifestyles, supplements, foods, products, activities, or memberships.

May 01, 2017
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