Food Does Not Have A Moral Value.

- POSTED ON: Mar 08, 2016


Food does not have a moral value. Just as a chair is neither good nor bad, chocolate is neither good or bad, it's just chocolate.  Eating 50g of chocolate in one hit is not going to harm your health, eating 50 pounds of chocolate most likely will.  The same can be said for eating broccoli or drinking water.

Eating a food you label as bad, tends to make you feel bad or guilty when eating it.  Such thinking is nonsense; just as wearing jeans doesn't make you a bad person, eating a certain food does not make you a bad person.  The food is not the problem, it's the "thinking" that needs to change.


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On Dec 16, 2015 Kae wrote:
a good reminder :) we are so hard on ourselves .. instead of feeling good that we only ate one piece of chocolate we beat ourselves up because we ate one piece of chocolate :/ I'm trying to embrace moderation .. all things in moderation that is :) not as easy as it sounds lol it's a work in progress. again thanks for a thought provoking share .. and have a great day <3

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