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The Root of Joy is Gratefulness

Just Stop It?

I am Complete.

Dieting is So Much Harder than it Looks.

Winner of the “5 Percent Lottery of Hell”

Shooting the Messenger Does Not Solve the Problem.

What Do You Want?

Binge = Response to Starvation

Happily Ever After & Neuroscience

About the Scales

Dieting: The Alternative

Emotional Eating (2)

Woking: to Stay on the Road and to Move Forward

Tomorrow and Yesterday

Emotional Eating

Body Chemicals Signal the Brain which Suppresses the Urge to Eat.

Eating & Emotions Need and Desire are Not All that Separate.

Eating Tasty Food Tickles the Brain vs Pleasure Centers.

Eating causes the Brain to Generate Feelings of Satisfaction, Comfort, and Well-being.

All Pleasurable Feelings Come from the SAME Brain Areas.

If Ophra Can't Do it, Can it Be Done?

Weight Loss Goals

Dieting as Suffering

Experimenting with Subtraction

Eating Patterns - Morning vs Evening

Review of the Three Principle Concept - Diet Review

Let Me Tell You

Current Diet Experimentation

BMI Classifications and Emotional Eating

The Inside-Out Revolution - Book Review

The Real Deal on Maintenance After a Large Weight-Loss

Natural Eating Perspective

No Facts or Evidence

About Self-Control and the Marshmallow test

Our Thoughts Create Our World.

The Dolly Diet - Diet Review

Remember ... You Asked.

Calorie Denialism

Fighting the Urge - Book Review

No Rescue Needed

Questions about Health & Weight


Real Food


It's Not Really About the Fat - Health At Any Size

Appreciate What You Have

Emotional Aspects of Obesity

Why We Diet

The Fat Trap

What IS a good Diet?

Cultural Bias

Working Out - No Pain, No Gain?

Points Worth Considering

What If?

Thinking isn't the same as Doing

Journaling & Keeping Records

Do Diets Work?

A Fresh Start?

Happy Mother's Day (2012)

Study of Literature on Weight-Loss Maintenance

Maintaining Enthusiasm

I Want It All

When you've Got to Go.

Expecting Perfection

Standing up to your Friends

Update on The No S Diet - Diet Review

The Fat Trap

Buddha Take

Tomorrow and Today

Weight-loss and Maintenance is Hard Work

Does Life Get in the Way?

Burnout or Stress


Redefining Normal

Processed Foods Are Powerful

What is Hope?

Binge Eating

Making Decisions

It feels hard because it IS hard.

The Endless Search for Why

Weight Maintenance Challenges



Beauty is Subjective

Love Yourself

Sugar Binges

Body Mass Index: What about the BMI?

Value Judgment

Tracking Weight

You Can Choose to Think Differently.

What About the Scales?

Dieting as a 'means to an end'.

Dieting is my Hobby.

Taubes - Chapter 18 - Nature of a Healthy Diet

Taubes - Chapter 11 - Primer on Regulation of Fat

Taubes - Chapter 10 - History of Lipophilia

Taubes - Chapter 08 - Head Cases

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DietHobby is a Digital Scrapbook of my personal experience in weight-loss-and-maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all. Every diet works for Someone, but no diet works for Everyone.
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Mar 01, 2020
DietHobby: A Digital Scrapbook.
2000+ Blogs and 500+ Videos in DietHobby reflect my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all, and I address many ways-of-eating whenever they become interesting or applicable to me.

Jun 01, 2019
DietHobby is my Personal Blog Website.
DietHobby sells nothing; posts no advertisements; accepts no contributions. It does not recommend or endorse any specific diets, ways-of-eating, lifestyles, supplements, foods, products, activities, or memberships.

May 01, 2017
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Technical changes! It is now easier to view DietHobby on iPhones and other mobile devices.