Making Decisions

- POSTED ON: Aug 22, 2011

Every day we are faced with hundreds of decisions,
but just because we’ve made some wrong choices in the past
doesn’t mean we are destined to make them for the rest of our lives.

When making choices:

Think about what’s most important to you.

When faced with any decision, the crucial thing
is to consider what matters most to you,
regardless of how insignificant that decision might seem.

It is unlikely than any one choice in a given day will alter your life,
but all those small choices add up
and will eventually impact you for better or worse.

Keep your emotions in check.

In an emotional situation, delay decision making
by waiting for a specific time to pass, before making a final decision.

In this way you can calm your emotions to a reasonable level
and start thinking clearly about the consequences of your options,
as well as which decision will support your life goals.

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Existing Comments:

On Aug 23, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Great advice as always Phyllis :) I am currently faced w/making a huge decision that I don't want to make so this is very appropop to me. Guess I'll take a bit more time before I make my final decision - although it needs to be made sooner rather than later I'm really not very calm and would be making the decision based on emotion not logic right now. So - big breath and maybe a couple of days of just pondering - that's my decision regarding making my decision :)

On Aug 23, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Kimber, Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your decision making.

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