Binge Eating

- POSTED ON: Aug 24, 2011



In my opinion, while the action of binge eating
does cause physiological stress (body pain),
The psychological stress (mental pain) involved with binge eating
comes from the self-berating that many people abuse themselves with.

Some people think that ‘self-sabotage” and self-punishment
is the cause of binge eating.
Some blame the nagging and berating voice in their head
as the “saboteur” that causes them to binge.

However, perhaps it is the food itself; an excess love of food…
a personal desire for the taste and for the feeling of full-ness
that is sometimes the true culprit.

I've had a lifetime of binge eating.
20 years of professional Therapy didn't resolve the activity,
however, it DID get rid of the "nagging and berating voice in the head".

I’ve come to a personal conclusion that it doesn’t much matter
what each individual CAUSE of binge eating is
because most of the circumstances around me aren’t under my control.
Good things happen. Bad things happen.
Strong feelings make me want to eat. Period.

I am aware of this, and I work not to follow those desires.
Sometimes I still Binge. . in that I engage in emotional eating to excess..
However, it not a form of "self-punishment",
and I don't hate myself for it.

My bingeing behavior is always going to part of me, lurking in the background.
I have learned to Accept

*  that, to date, I have done all I can to fix the problem;
*  that I'll continue to work to resolve it as much as I can;
*  that this behavior is sometimes part of who I am; and
*  that I'm still okay even when I make that behavior choice.

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