Buddha Take

- POSTED ON: Nov 16, 2011

This month I've been suffering from overload.

Not overloaded with too much food, because I've been working hard to avoid that, but rather emotionally overloaded.

Partly this is due to the disruption of my normal routine by my household plumbing emergency and repairs, but a great deal of it is the busy schedule I've been keeping making videos, and answering viewers questions on YouTube.

This YouTube Grandma thing is taking a giant chunk of my time... like almost ALL of it.

The companion DietHobby channel on YouTube now has more than 2000 subscribers. 
So, I think and write more than ever before, but for right now, most of it is happening on my DietHobby YouTube channel where I'm answering my YouTube Grandbaby's questions about Life-in-general rather than writing about dieting issues here on my website. 

My husband is a Vietnam veteran, and one of the things about that culture that impressed him, was the saying and the attitude..."Buddha Take"... House gone, family gone,... Vietnamese people would just shake their heads open their hands and say "Buddha Take".

That has become a saying in our household when something changes or disappears.
"Buddha Take."

I'm striving to achieve a balance, and I believe this will happen,
but it may take awhile.
So, if you come here and wonder what is happening,
where are all the insightful articles about dieting issues, ......... 

"Buddha Take"

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Existing Comments:

On Nov 17, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Good morning Phyllis :-) I couldn't help but rephrase "buddha take" to "boodie take" because the name is so similar...it made me smile...and I really really could use a smile :-O Just wanted to leave you a quick msg to let you know I'm always thinking of you and look forward to a day (hopefully soon) when I will feel capable of a meaningful converstaion...which hopefully I will have with you regarding your wonderful insight about dieting issues :-) miss you lots and love you more <3<3<3

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