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Unrealistic Expectations - False Hope Syndrome

Why Is This Happening? - October 2017

Our Weight is Regulated by Our Biological System

Fasting is No Better For You Than Regular Calorie Restriction - new Scientific Study

Freedom in Maintenance

Photo Examples of Food Experiments

Making a Diet (or Way-of-Eating or Lifestyle Change) into a Religion

Diet Books are Full of Lies

Do Low-Calorie Sweetners Equal Weight-Gain?

You Get What You Get (and don't throw a fit)

Helpful Fasting Information

Distinctive Genetic Makeup

DietHobby & The Three Principles

The Real Deal on Maintenance After a Large Weight-Loss

Why Do Dieters Regain Their Lost Weight?

Biological Adaptations that Promote Weight Regain

Eating Kale Doesn't Make You a Better Person.

The Dolly Diet - Diet Review

Time for a Reality Check

The Diet Fix, Why Diets Fail, How to Make Yours Work - Book Review

Diet Fix - Book Review

Diet Fix - Dieting Myth #11: There are Bottles Full of Weight-Loss

Energy In and Energy Out

Normalizing Obesity

Health as an Obligation

Are you a Courteous, Healthy Eater?

DietHobby, my Digital Scrapbook

I'll Be Happy WHEN...

Stop When You're Full? - Intutive Eating 3 - Diet Review

Eat When You're Hungry? - Intuitive Eating 2 - Diet Review

Does the Body Tell Us WHAT food to eat? - Intutive Eating 1 - Diet Review

Vegetables - One chip at a time?

Diets Long-Term

No Cure

Research Study regarding Obesity Myths

The End of 2012

Why is it so Hard to Keep Weight Off?

Secrets of the Sugar Industry

Realities of Weight-Loss Maintenance

Running and Exercise Abuse

Bad Examples

Update on The No S Diet - Diet Review

What About Dieting?

What is Hope?

Taubes - Chapter 19 - Following Through

Taubes - Chapter 11 - Primer on Regulation of Fat

Taubes - Chapter 10 - History of Lipophilia

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DietHobby is a Digital Scrapbook of my personal experience in weight-loss-and-maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all. Every diet works for Someone, but no diet works for Everyone.
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Mar 01, 2020
DietHobby: A Digital Scrapbook.
2000+ Blogs and 500+ Videos in DietHobby reflect my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all, and I address many ways-of-eating whenever they become interesting or applicable to me.

Jun 01, 2019
DietHobby is my Personal Blog Website.
DietHobby sells nothing; posts no advertisements; accepts no contributions. It does not recommend or endorse any specific diets, ways-of-eating, lifestyles, supplements, foods, products, activities, or memberships.

May 01, 2017
DietHobby is Mobile-Friendly.
Technical changes! It is now easier to view DietHobby on iPhones and other mobile devices.