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- POSTED ON: Nov 03, 2017

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DietHobby   is my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance blog. All issues are addressed in a one-size-does-NOT-fit-all way as they interest me or apply to me.  I use DietHobby as a digital scrapbook, where I post and index - in a way that I find artistically satisfying - my thoughts, as well as writings, pictures and videos that I consider interesting or helpful.

Although this website is open to interested others, and it has many members and subscribers, all posts at my DietHobby website are first and foremost for me, personally. At age 70 I've lost any desire I ever had for fame and fortune, so although I sometimes share DietHobby posts in specific online groups, I make no efforts to "promote" this website.  At any time, a DietHobby member can easily change their choice to receive or not receive e-mail notifications of new posts.

As the many posts in the DietHobby ARCHIVES will show, I do lots of personal experimenting with different types of diets, lifestyles, ways-of-eating. I find that reviewing my previous posts is personally very helpful.

When I am involved in specific diet experiments, my posts tend to focus on that particular area.  I've been interested in learning about how a Three Principles approach might help me better deal with food issues, so there are frequent additions to my Blog Categories: "The 3 Principles"  collection here in my DietHobby scrapbook.

Note: This article has been bumped up for new viewers.  It was originally posted in June 2015.

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On Jun 08, 2015 missusriverrat wrote:
I believe that I understand that "aha moments" are personal, unpredictable and cannot be induced by will. Thus, it would seem, there is no prescribed path that the enlightened can share with the unenlightened. Hence these speakers seem to me to have trouble conveying what they have learned and discovered for themselves. If the listener is not able to grasp enlightenment (not being sarcastic), then really there is no point in the semi-enlightened ones talking on and on in such vague generalities hoping something sort of sticks or opens a mental door. Could they not keep it simpler, use examples more effectively, and share from the heart. They are not getting through to me. By talking on and on they make everything overly complicated. If I were an addict, I would become anxious and run for my addiction from all this vague chatter. These are my honest opinions and reactions. I am not trying to be difficult.

On Jun 08, 2015 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks, missusriverrsat, Your comment refers to an interesting issue. One of the things that keeps being said over and over is that there are no "techniques" that people are supposed to use to help them more easily access the 3 Principle concept. I've noticed as I listen to different people that everyone is saying the same thing but each has a little different individual twist based on their own personality and personal experience. This is one reason I've been putting a large variety of different speakers here in my 3 Principles collection. Another reason is that each video I'm posting in DietHobby has some specific message that resonates with me differently with other videos, even if it's only one line of a sentence that makes me go ..."whoa".. Perhaps that's what is termed a flash of "insight",.. me accessing my "inner wisdom". =) ............................ .....................Yesterday, I watched a video that involved the issue of "Coaches" sharing the 3 principles, and this illustration was given. The metaphor is that sharing their own experiences is like RAIN. In that rain falls indiscriminately on everything. When it hits fertile soil, things grow; when it hits infertile soil, water seeps in making the land more fertile; when it falls on rocks, it falls on rocks. The "coach" or person sharing just says what is true for him/her, without responsibility for the effect. If it resonates with another person fine, and if not fine. .......................................... What I've been doing here at DietHobby is "scrapbooking" info on this issue and indexing them in The 3 Principles BLOG CATEGORY. Then when I go there and look at individual pieces of my "collection", I find patterns that interest me - like in a patchwork quilt............. There seems to be a great deal of extrinsic evidence that a 3 Principles understanding has been personally helpful to former addicts, including people with food issues. My own investigation - or experiment - is to see if, and how, it might be helpful to me personally. ...... For a very long time I've believed that each of us is an "experiment of one", and that every diet or "lifestyle" works for some people but not for others. Part of my own dieting hobby is to learn more about this through my own "experiments of one". <3

On Jun 08, 2015 missusriverrat wrote:
This is a link to a site that approaches the 3P's with humor and fun. Apparently that fits my personality and speaks my language. I read a few of Garret Kramer's blogs and felt like it may as well have been a foreign language. Nothing of that made any sense to me.

On Jun 08, 2015 Dr. Collins wrote:
              missusriverrat. I already have the great 3P resource guide from that website, but I haven't yet spent time reading the blogs there. Thanks for reminding me about it. <3

On Jun 09, 2015 missusriverrat wrote:
I haven't finished exploring that whole site yet. Also, they have some good pictures. I really enjoy the humorous approach.

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