Delicate Dainty Meals

- POSTED ON: Apr 19, 2014



Here at DietHobby, I've decided to occasionally share some detailed information about the meals I choose to eat.

My food choices are exactly that.

.............MY food choices...............  

  I'm not you.  You're not me.

When I choose to eat something that you would NOT choose to eat, it is not an indictment of you or of your food choices.

I'm not a Michael Pollan fan, and I don't consider his advice to be the Gospel.

If any food has an existance outside of my own imagination, I consider it to be REAL food. 

I take a vitamin pill every day. I do not require my food to be "natural", or "unprocessed".  As far as I'm concerned, there are no foods forbidden to me.  I find Sugar acceptable as well as artificial sweeteners.  Wheat, corn, oats, rice, refined and unrefined, brown and white, are all just fine. I don't try to limit or restrict salt except as to conform to my own personal taste.  I eat fruits and vegetables in small quantities, and I don't try to make myself eat any particular food simply because someone thinks it is "good for me". There are spices I like, and spices I don't like, and I don't eat anything unless it tastes good to me.

 For the past ten years I've used a computer program every day to track all of my food.  This provides me with nutritional information, including the estimated calories.  I work to limit and restrict both the volume and the calories that are in the foods I eat.  

I am a short, small, inactive, reduced obese, elderly woman, and my body does not require very many calories. All excess calories get turned into fat.  My goal is to live the remaining years of my life at or near a "normal" weight.  The only way that I can accomplish this, is to eat the foods I like in very small amounts.

My eating preferences are mentally framed as: 
                        Delicate, dainty meals to nourish an equisite, elderly lady.

Here is an example of one such meal:

        Estimated calories 189
Contents and Calories

¼ Meat Lovers Breakfast Bowl w/ eggs,
potatoes, Sausage, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese - 115
¼ oz shredded sharp cheddar cheese -28
¼ piece Good Seed Bread, Dave's Killer Bread - 33
½ tsp butter -13

…….Total = 189 calories

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 19, 2014 Wellness wrote:
Greetings Granny, it is always nice to be able to take some time to enjoy your blogs. I concur with ALL that you have said, and conduct my eating life the same. I am not elderly but I am able (thanks to my body) know when I have eaten too much of what does not agree with me. So to reiterate what you have so eloquently and deliciously stated, I absolutely enjoy all foods and just eat small amounts of what I like, along with some fitness activities that I enjoy and can do daily.

On Apr 26, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Wellness, thanks for stopping by.

On Apr 19, 2014 sad wrote:
I agree with everything you said except that breakfast would be a snack for me LOL

On Apr 26, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Suzanne....Yes, Although my appetite often disagrees, my body needs only very small servings.

On Apr 25, 2014 Sharon S wrote:
I found your wonderful website just yesterday. I was 'Googling' the 5 Bite Diet which will appear on the Dr. Oz Show today and I discovered you!!!! I am so thrilled to find a kindred spirit in the diet world. Most of the books seem to be written by cute young things and bear no resemblance to my life style. I am a 67 year old grandma who is inactive and loves to cook and eat and is obese. I look forward to reading your blog archives and trying your recipes.

On Apr 26, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Welcome Sharon S. We definitely share many commonalities. =)

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