What about all that Blah, Blah, Blah

- POSTED ON: Oct 01, 2013

There's a great deal of weight-loss advice out there.  Thousands of books, online websites and forums, and people everywhere who will tell us exactly what to do. 

I like to keep an open mind, and as part of my Diet Hobby, I choose to access and analyze a great deal of that information. However, I totally agree with the following Facebook post which was made on 9/30/13 by Kate of This is Not a Diet - it's your life.

"First, people will tell you it's easy: JUST eat real food and move around a bit and you'll be thin!

But if you do that and you're still not thin, they'll start in on all the nuances of what you are doing wrong. Well you're eating too much sugar. Too much fat. Not enough protein. Wrong kind of fat. Wrong kind of carbs. Not starch, fiber! Not saturated fat, unsaturated! Oh no wait, not unsaturated, saturated! No fruit!! More fruit. 1 banana a day. Never eat bananas. No sugar, use substitutes. Wait, no sugar substitutes. Less meat. No meat. More meat. No potatoes. Don't eat dairy. Eat lots of low fat dairy. No, only full fat dairy. Drink protein shakes. Don't drink calories.

You're not exercising enough. You're exercising too much. No cardio, only weight lifting. Don't lift weights, run. Don't run it will stress you and you'll hold body fat. Only exercise in the morning. Exercise twice a day. Stop exercising so much. Lift heavy or go home. Lifting heavy will bulk you up. You have to eat more to support your exercise. Don't eat more or you'll negate the effects of exercise.

It's EASY, don't you see! If it's not easy, you're just Doing It Wrong! If you did it right, you'd be thin!

I don't know about you but I am so sick of all that. It's stuck in my head like a record on repeat and it makes me second guess every thing I do. The truth is, they don't KNOW an easy answer because there isn't one. Everyone has a different situation.

Eventually, you have to just tell them all to shut up and start listening to yourself. It's NOT easy. But it's your life, nobody else. Live it as you see fit."

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