Food Restrictions?

- POSTED ON: Jul 27, 2012

One dieting issue to be faced is the question of whether or not blind restriction is a personally sustainable, long-term strategy.

My own experience says that it isn't, 
and there are many "dieting experts" who say that blind restriction,......
...the belief that if you're trying to manage weight you simply don't eat
nutritionally bereft, but hedonically wonderful foods, (i.e. junk foods), … one of the reason why there are so many failures in dieting.

For me, personally, thinking that I'm going to live a life where I'm not allowed to take pleasure from food, is unrealistic. I'm working toward the healthiest life that I can enjoy, not the healthiest life that I can tolerate.  This means I work toward eating the smallest amount of bad-for-you-indulgence that I need to enjoy my life, but ….for me…that amount is definitely not "none".

Thus far, all of my efforts to do otherwise have always wound up being an extremely temporary state of being. I admire people who are able to get themselves to successfully function with food in this manner, and I'm open to the possibility, but after a lifetime of dealing with overeating, obesity, and experimenting with every different form of dieting I've ever heard about, I feel fairly certain I'm never going to be one of them.

Here's an amusing video about the difficulties involved in many common food restrictions.

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