Tiny Dishes for Petite Meals

- POSTED ON: Oct 24, 2017

I am a small, elderly, sedentary, reduced-obese female, who after a large weight-loss has now maintained my body at or near a “normal” BMI for more than 12 consecutive years. 

Eating Small to BE Small is the method by which this is being accomplished. 

Every day I work continually to restrict my food to very small portions;  weigh and measure my food; and record it all … every day… into a computer journal which provides me with a calorie count along with other nutritional values.  I’ve written many articles about my personal application of this method, and many of them are located in the DietHobby section BLOG CATEGORIES… Status Updates.

When working to eat small, I find it helpful to use tiny dishes, and even tiny flatware. Using a tiny plate instead of a regular size plate makes a big difference in the amount of personal eating satisfaction that I receive at mealtimes.

Here is a photo of a stack of my plates.  From Bottom to top: Regular size Dinner plate; Salad plate; 6 ½ inch saucer; 4 inch dessert plate.

The photo BELOW shows that these two 4 inch round sauce or dessert plates are about the same size as the palm of my hand.

I work to eat slowly in order to eat small, and using baby-size flatware slows me down, because a baby fork, or baby spoon holds a lot less food than regular-size utensils. 

Here are some comparison photos of
regular-size and baby-size flatware
when placed on:
a Dinner Plate;
a Salad Plate; and
a Dessert Plate.



The size BOWL one uses can also make a big difference. 
I normally eat from one-fourth cup, one-third cup, or one-half cup bowls.
On a rare occasion I choose to fill a 1-cup bowl, and when that happens,
I feel like I’m having a GIANT portion. 

On the far right of the photo ABOVE are two white bowls holding ¼ cup of flour. 
The top white bowl is a 1-cup bowl, the bottom white bowl is a ½-cup bowl. 
Above and to the left of that 1-cup white bowl is a 2-cup blue bowl,
and NOTE that the blue 2-cup bowl
is actually what MOST people consider to be a regular serving size dish.
(Not large or small, but "regular")

See more photos of my Measurement Tactics in DietHobby’s RESOURCES, Photo Gallery section.

Petite Meals in DietHobby’s RESOURCES, Photo Gallery Section shows many additional photos of dishes which contain foods prepared and eaten by ME. … Yummmm.

For a couple of helpful articles on this same subject, read:
Eat Small to BE Small, and Palm of the Hand.

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