Some Things Take Time

- POSTED ON: Mar 12, 2011


Some things just take time.
This is true for Weight-loss and Maintenance of that loss.

 There’s an old saying that goes something like :

“The years know what the days never will.”

Focused self-control over one’s eating Behavior,
… when sustained over long-periods of time,…
will Result in successful weight-loss.
When that focused self-control over one’s eating Behavior continues,
the Result will be successful maintenance of that weight-loss.

Call it an Obsession with Dieting.
Call it a Lifestyle Change.
Call it a Diet Hobby.

No matter what you call it,
the underlying Truth remains the same.
There is no quick and easy way….ever…..
for those of us who have bodies that want to be fat.

Being fat is hard,
Losing weight is hard,
Maintaining weight loss is hard.
Choose your hard.

I am sharing my "strength, experience, and hope" here with you,
and, as part of that, I've been telling you a lot about my involvement
with this site which is part of my dieting hobby.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 12, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I wanted more. Past week, several people have asked me about my weight loss. I guess it is spring and people are not fitting into their clothes. It would be nice to have your wisdom distilled into a format for them. Of course, general principles can apply to a wide group. The implementation is the sticky part. Eating low car, for example, is a general principle. How to find foods in the variety of circumstances is the hard part. However hard it is, it is still easier than being fat and sick.

On Mar 12, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen ... Your statement ... "I wanted more" ....was actually very pleasant for me to hear. Because that was one of my goals. I hoped that video would prompt people to click over here and see what DietHobby is all about. This is the first time I've ever tried to create any kind of "ad" , and I plan to do a few more, so I'd love to hear any practical suggestions you have for me.

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