Words Of Wisdom Playlists

Here are two playlists of my brief Inspirational Words of Wisdom videos.
Each video is approximately 20 seconds long...ranging from 10 to 30 seconds.
Each playlist will allow these short Positive Videos to automatically play,

I created these Inspirational videos to help viewers engage in positive self-talk, 
so that we can surround ourselves with positive images and thoughts,
with an easily accessible Playlist of Positive Thought Videos right here on DietHobby.
You can play either playlist directly from this page by clicking the arrow in the center of the video.

These videos were uploaded for web usage at my YTGrandma YouTube channel,
and if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, just click your browser's back arrow,
or close the page and you should find yourself still here at DietHobby.com.

You can also play these Video Playlists away from this DietHobby website, directly from my YTGrandma YouTube channel.

Letting these positive thoughts play in the background,
.....while you are engaged in a routine task....
is an excellent way to fix some positive thoughts into the back of your mind.

Like a catchy song, these positive sayings will return to you at various times of the day
which can easily give you a positive thought to purposely focus on, 
to help change the tide, when your mind gets caught up in negative thoughts.

Another helpful use for this playlist, is as a temporary distraction from eating impulses.
When you are faced with a strong temptation to eat things,
or to eat in ways, that are off your food plan,
make a committment to run this playlist for 10 minutes
BEFORE you give in to the temptation.

This is an easy and excellent tactic to help you learn to delay gratification,
AND you might find that, sometimes, after 10 minutes of running the playlist passes,
that the intensity of the temptation has lifted,
and that you don't feel a strong NEED to follow through with eating that food item. 

Also, some of the sayings are interesting or entertaining,
and you may just want to browse through the playlist at times
.....since it will be continually changing....
and select a specific 20 second video to watch.

I use these playlists as a helpful Dieting Tool.  

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