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- POSTED ON: Jun 15, 2014


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Several months ago, in a forum that I frequent, I came upon a post by an MD who created a specific diet, asking the forum members this question.  

"I wonder why everyone in the world isn't on this diet, and why doesn't everyone in this world stay on the diet until they reach a very thin weight? Do you think people just don't want to be thin? Do you think they don't fully understand or agree with the benefits of being thin?"

 Here is the reply that I posted:   

"Here's what I think . . .   . . . and Remember . . . You Asked. 

Following through with eating only tiny amounts of food for weeks at a time is emotionally very hard for most people, and especially hard for obese people.

22 years ago I had a RNY, and I've spent lots of time around people who've had similar weight loss surgeries. This taught me that the main reason a Gastric Bypass is so effective in causing weight-loss is not a lack of stomach hunger. It is the fact that for 6 months to a year, even a tiny bit of food cheating causes immediate and severe physical pain, but there's no longer an option to eat-a-much-as-you-want-of-what-you want because you've physically lost that choice. You can't quit.

Like a Gastric Bypass, … when followed correctly … the ______ Diet will reduce stomach size to reduce or eliminate hunger. But although overeating can cause some temporary discomfort, overeating allows hunger to return, and you retain the physical ability to choose to quit.

People, even fat people, are not all the same.

Everyone doesn't find the look of being VERY THIN attractive,
and everyone doesn't believe that being VERY THIN causes good health.
Everyone doesn't want to be VERY THIN.
I know I don't.

People have different opinions and beliefs about what constitutes beauty. Our culture is strongly influenced by what the media (with its anti-fat bias) tells us is beauty. Even so, people still have different opinions about what makes a person attractive. There are those who prefer a thin, bony look, some prefer a lean, muscular look, some prefer a soft, round look, and there are even some who prefer to see a lot of Fat. My own personal preference is the soft, round look.

Also, people, (including medical professionals) have different opinions and beliefs about what constitutes health, and what will make us healthy.

Correlation does not imply causation is such an important fact. It is the most basic tenet of research. The problem with correlational research is that it only proves that things happen at the same time, it does nothing to prove that one thing causes the other. Just because obesity and a disease are correlated, doesn't mean that obesity caused the disease.

There are no such things as fat people diseases. Thin people get all the diseases that fat people do. Health is multi-dimensional and includes behaviors (past and present), environment, genetics, stress, and more.  Some of these components are within our control and some aren’t.  People cannot control the end result and if they get a disease they will probably never know for sure exactly why it happened.

Medical professionals disagree as to whether being VERY THIN is healthier than being merely normal weight. Statistically speaking, women over 60 with BMI ranges in normal, overweight, and a bit over the obesity borderline, have been found to be healthier than those who are in the underweight or mid-to-high-obesity BMI ranges.

The descriptive terms "FAT-and-LAZY", and "FAT-and-STUPID", are like "THIN-and-HEALTHY", in that they are all independent descriptions which are often erroneously linked together.

All people are going to die.  There is no magical weight that you can be that will make you immortal.  Some obese people will get hit by a bus when they are perfectly healthy.  Some thin people will be born sick and will never be healthy.   Some obese people will be healthy until they die of old age.  Weight and health are two different things.

Health is multi-dimensional, not entirely under our control, and each person gets to choose what health means to them, how important health is to them, and what path best supports their own priorities and their own goals."


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