Life Keeps Changing

- POSTED ON: Mar 20, 2011


 I’ve now had 5 years of maintenance at my current weight,
and I still Hope it will get easier one of these days.

I've learned that:
Things don't happen the same way twice.
The way I lose weight or maintain weight now is not the same way
that I lost weight or maintained weight five years ago.
I can't EXACTLY repeat the things I did before,
because I'm a different person now.

I'm 5 years older.
Although I am in very good health,
the human body is DESIGNED to wear out with age.
No matter how hard I work at staying fit,
now that I'm over 60, I am ageing more rapidly,
and I can see and feel that Process happening.
Some activities and exercises that I could do 5 years ago,
my present body will no longer tolerate.

My body has also now spent years adjusting and adapting to burn less energy.
Retirement from my profession changed my lifestyle.
I am active, but in a different way.

This is the Challenge.

What works now won't work forever.
You have to keep changing and adapting,
because life keeps changing whether you like it or not

Here is my most recent Video, the second of my Thinspiration series.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 20, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
What works now won't work forever. You have to keep changing and adapting,**** I am back from Spring break, I will run the numbers (cal/carbs) and weigh in tomorrow, but wanted to drop in and say both "Hi" and that this quote is so important. How many people worry about that the meals they enjoy now later they will get bored with, which will then cause them to binge, and get fat again. I pick foods I like now, keep reading and learning, and if I get bored, I will adapt. There are no guarantees. I could also be dead in 5 yeas and it will not matter. What is important for me, is to do the best I can today, keep some miminal types of markers or boundaries in place logging and weighing, and to keep learning. Diethobby is a great place for learning.

On Mar 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen, I agree with you. My involvement with DietHobby has already taught me a great many things. While we all share an interest in common, each of is different, and each of us has life circumstances that are unique. Thanks for your comments, I always enjoy reading them.

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