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- POSTED ON: Feb 10, 2011


There are many advantages to having Online Friends.
The basic requirement is access to a personal computer.
Location is not a barrier, nor are time-differences.

Age differences between adults; issues of personal appearance;
and differences in health or even grooming habits
tend to be smoothed away.

What remains is the core of the human being.
It is the very essence of a person that gets shared online.

That sense of anonymity that comes with online sharing,
gives even timid people more courage to speak their minds.
And access to a search engine will lead us to others who share common interests.

We can make friends easily and quickly online,
because we aren’t hindered by the daily conventions of society.
We can talk only about the things that interest us,
with people we like, whenever we choose to do so,
and we can totally ignore conversations that aren’t of personal interest.

Online friendships take as much or as little time as one prefers.
Which is usually not the case with in-person friendships.
“Real” life friendships must be nurtured
by meetings, dinners, parties, and get-togethers.
All of these events take time and effort,

For example, if I have people over for dinner,
I have to have a clean house, buy special food, prepare it,
present it in an attractive way, and clean up after.
I have to dress appropriately, and be present all during the event
during which I must spend time visiting with everyone invited,
and the conversation will include subjects in which I’m not interested,
and perhaps would even rather avoid.

For example, if I attend a birthday party,
I have to select, buy and wrap an appropriate gift.
I then dress up, drive there, and spend a specific amount of time being
sociable with the other guests, some of whom I might not know or like,
including the friends and family members of my host/hostess,
involving myself in discussions about things that are of little interest to me.

Then…of course….as someone who continually diets,
the entire food issue is to be considered.
What will they serve? What will I choose to eat?
Can I satisfy the individual rules of my diet and still please my hostess?
Online friendships simply skip the whole process.

I love the convenience of Online Friends

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Existing Comments:

On Feb 14, 2011 wrote:
Congratulations on your new website. I am one of your online friends.

On Feb 14, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Yes, you are one of my online friends, and I'm happy to see you.

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