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- POSTED ON: Sep 08, 2012


A fellow Forum Member  wrote:

"My calorie count needs to stay at 1200 to lose
and it has been averaging 1500.
So for now the only thing I know to try is cutting back to 2 meals a day.
This may be an every other day thing...we'll see.

At any rate I am now 12 lbs. over the top BMI for normal weight range
and have gained 8 lbs. over the summer. This can't go on."


What is described here is a common occurrence for those of us with older bodies who have lost and are working to maintain weight-loss. People who track their food... even during "bad" times ... can actually SEE this happening. Actually SEEING it is rather unusual, because most people in this position "give-up" and don't track, begin eating more, and regain all of their lost weight.

I am working on this same issue right now. It is very difficult to continually eat a calorie average low enough
to maintain weight-loss. I find that ..for me.. doing EXTRA exercise burns very little calories. and makes me very hungry so I wind up eating more than I've burned.

  For the past 4 weeks, I've been running another experiment with an Alternate Day Eating type of plan. My plan is more of a zig-zag, calorie cycling plan rather than one of Intermittent Fasting because I'm still eating all throughout every day... only I'm having smaller portion, lower-calorie meals totaling about half the calories on alternate days.

Success for me would be to average losing 1/4 to 1/2 lb weekly,  and get back into the blue area of my Weight Maintenance Range, (and this year I raised my maintenance range to make it run 5 lbs higher).

Due to water-weight-swings etc. it is impossible to judge weight-loss success in such a plan except over quite a lengthy time period. My stabilized weight is running about 3 lbs less than it was 4 weeks ago, but most of that drop came in the first week, and it is too soon to see whether this plan will cause weight-loss. It is also too soon to tell whether or not such a plan will be sustainable for me.

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Existing Comments:

On Sep 08, 2012 Alma wrote:
You have spoken the words I use often with family members who feel that it is just so EASY to accomplish, balance and maintain weight loss. It is easy to criticize when receiving and never giving. Women are the meal planners and the family are the eaters. Unfortunately, they are now seeing firsthand through a 2nd relative that weight loss is thwarted by many circumstances. The first was my aunt who fought over weight due to her love of food and medical problems that hampered her throughout her life. She lost a huge amount of weight. She lived to be 90 years old and the nursing home plumped her up AGAIN with their form of a diet. She was extremely upset when her weight kept rising. Another family member who had a stroke is facing a weight problem for the first time in her life at 82 years old. I guess as we get older, some things are beyond our control. Hopefully, we will reach a point of acceptance but I can not see acceptance at this point in my life as you also can't. My aunt said to reflect on your many accomplishments and be kinder to yourself when no longer in control. I hope to not ever be controlled by someone else.

On Sep 09, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Alma. Unfortunately many people who are able to maintain their weight without a great deal of personal effort generally tend to think that everyone is like them ... and therefore, if others would just do what they do personally, their problems would be resolved. I share your hope that in my old age, my food will not be controlled by "nutrition experts". If it is, I hope they are prepared to provide personal care for the body of an extremely obese patient.

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