The Same but Different

- POSTED ON: Jan 31, 2012


We're all the same,

We're all different.

I've read many books and articles

by people who were fat and are now thin.

Now they want to tell us that 
they have the ANSWER
...they know the SECRET.

Their stories are very much the same....

They were fat.
Their bodies were uncomfortable, 
which limited their activities
They hated themselves.

Other people hated them.

They began eating (and/or exercising) differently.

They lost weight.

Their lives improved,
because =
their bodies were more comfortable
and they could engage in more activities.

They liked themselves,

Other people liked them.

What is different about each story
is the ANSWER and the SECRET.

Each of them found a "Diet"
which is a simple term
to define a specific way of eating

(with or without a specific plan of exercise).

They were able to incorporate that "Diet" into their lifestyle,

and as a result they lost weight. 

Whether or not they maintained is another issue
because the books or articles are usually written 
and published
soon after the initial weight-loss

and there's not a lot of opportunity for follow-up. 
I suspect that's a lot like the TV show,
The Biggest Loser,
those who maintain stay more visible,
while the majority of those who don't maintain sink from public view.

What is this ANSWER?
What is this SECRET?

According to these published authors...

It is
incorporating or eliminating specific foods, like:

Lots of protein and few carbs (plant based foods)
primarily plant based foods, and little protein

or lots of meat, fish and chicken

only "real" food
 mostly pre-packaged processed diet meals
 only low-fat foods, either "balanced" or "low-carb"
primarily high-fat fods, but low carb
eaten raw,
diet shakes or diet cookies or diet snack bars ... except for dinner

 eating only what your body tells you to eat

etc. etc. etc.

eating more or less frequently, like

5 or 6 small meals each day

or 3 meals no snacks each day

or eating only when hungry
or fasting until dinner on alternate days

or fasting except for a 5 hour period every day

or skipping breakfast...or .....eating breakfast

or eating sparingly one day, and normally on alternate days
or snacking all day while skipping all meals
or etc. etc. etc.

control of the amounts of food eaten, like

tracking calories eaten
or using various methods to naturally limit calories
or weighing and measuring all food
or using food exchange lists
or limiting serving sizes – like to 1 plate only
or listening to your body
or etc. etc. etc. 

So….my conclusion is…..
We are all the same
We are all different.
Everything works for somebody.
Each of us just needs to do whatever works for us individually.

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Existing Comments:

On Jan 31, 2012 TexArk wrote:
Just think, with all these endless possibilities and combinations one could start a "new diet" each Monday for the rest of our lives and enjoy the bingeing weekends getting ready to start all over on Monday with the one diet that is going to really work this time! Some of us have a Diet Hobby of just exploring and sampling different approaches and not doing the hard work that you have done. And I do think there are several plans that will work for us maybe at different seasons of our lives. But the sooner we quit looking for the easy, fast, no restrictions, quick fix the better.

On Feb 01, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, I agree ... no matter what food plan we choose, it will involve some form of restriction. And, there really is no easy, fast, quick fix. ♡

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