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- POSTED ON: Jan 26, 2012


I'm always interested in reading new dieting books
about new dieting plans, and unique ways to eat
in order to lose weight or maintain weight-loss.

Here in 2012, with regards to my dieting hobby,
I'm having difficulty finding anything that looks
"new and unique" to me.

I've been doing Google searches,
and searches of new publications at Amazon,
but nothing stands out.

My primary dieting method continues to be
logging all my food into my computer software program,
and counting calories…working to keep my calorie count
lower than my body's energy burn….
The simple measurement for this is …
If I'm gaining weight over time,
then I'm eating more calories than my body burns.

I've studied the issue of metabolism,
and come to the conclusion that any possibility of raising
one's metabolism by what one eats, or how one exercises,
is a crock of ****.

I'm still very interested in the Habit concepts set forth in The No S Diet,
and I continually research and experiment with possibilities
of implementing more Habit concepts in my own dieting life.

The last two years, I learned a great deal about low carb, zero carb,
zero wheat, and Paleo ways of eating.

For a few years before that, I investigated and experimented
with different types of fasting plans,
like QOD, Alternate Day Eating, Eat Stop Eat, Fast 5, etc.

I've spent a lot of time investigating Intuitive eating type diets…
i.e. listening to your body, eating when hungry, stop when full etc;
that "dieting makes you fat" and have come to the conclusion
that this advice is very wrong for people who are obese, or reduced obese,
and in fact, I believe that this type of diet
(which is a diet that is allegedly not a diet)
is the VERY WORST of all the many diet's
I've ever investigated, tried, or experimented with…
INCLUDING things like the cabbage soup diet, human growth hormone,
hypnosis, acupuncture, Beverly hills diet, Cambridge diet,
the cookie diet, slim fast, weight-loss supplements etc, etc, etc..

Of course, during my lifetime, I've also belonged to all of the major
diet clubs and organizations, like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,
Nutrisystem, TOPS, Overeaters Anonymous and on and on and on..

This year, 2012, I'm not finding any books or clubs or diets
with concepts that are new and unique, or interesting to me,
and right now, I'm finding that kind of sad.

My hobby with dieting is still full-steam-ahead, because I'm
very busy with this DietHobby website, with my DietHobby YouTube channel,
and with the diet forums and other dieting websites that I frequently visit.

Still, right now I'm missing reading about new and interesting concepts,
and experimenting with them.
My current weight-loss maintenance simply involves a recycling of
dieting concepts that have worked for me before, even though I'm
rather bored by many of them.

Keeping my calories as low as possible is crucial,
and although I'm been having great success with my diet,
my body keeps fighting my weight-maintenance efforts.
Despite all my low-calorie and exercise efforts,
year after year, as I age, my weight keeps gradually creeping up. 

I'm cheered by the fact, that as long as I continue to keep on with my efforts,
even if this creep does continue,
as an elderly person, my life probably won't be long enough
for that process to return me to obesity. 

So, this past couple of months….
besides being really, really busy,
I just haven't found a lot of things worth talking about,
that I haven't already written about here.
So check out the archives, and read up on my past articles.

Eventually, I'm going to figure out the next step for my Dieting Hobby,
and when I do, you'll be the first to know.

Leave me a comment.

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Existing Comments:

On Jan 26, 2012 Karen925 wrote:
different types of fasting plans, like QOD, Alternate Day Eating, Eat Stop Eat, Fast 5, etc. *****I have been experimenting with a modified form of JUDDD. Though to early to tell definitely, only 2 months in, I do think I see a higher calorie burn level. By a couple of 100's not 1,000's:-) I have liked other aspects of the cycling/fasting process so it might be a woe for some time. *****I'm having difficulty finding anything that looks "new and unique" to me.***** This is a worry of mine in maintenance. I wonder if a part of my success comes from attentiveness to my eating which experimenting with new diet forms gives me. When the newness wears off, will the success too? Eventually, there will be no new ideas to try. So part of the reason I say I do not know what I will weigh 1 or 2 years from now is, is that I do not know if I will be enjoying an "old" diet, KWIM? **** Do you know of any statistics that shows the rate of success of maintaining a large weight loss versus the time one has kept it off? As an example, does the meager 3-5% success rate of maintaining increase lets say to 10-20% if one has maintained 2 years?

On Jan 26, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Karen. Several years ago, after I had experimented with QOD for 6 months or so, I ran across an article about that time, the book hadn't been published yet. It was an alternate day eating plan very similar to QOD, and I experimented with it for quite a long time, sometimes I still do. Although in short-term experiments, the metabolism doesn't drop with alternate day eating, my own experience causes me to suspect that ... after long-term use .. a metabolism drop might occur. All info is only about very short-term use. I've also searched for valid statistical information on long-term maintenance, over the past 6 years, but there doesn't seem to be much available. Not enough people I guess. People who gain their weight back .. even after a long time, seem to disappear without comment or remark. I read unfounded promises that maintenance becomes easier after 5 years of maintenance, and I hoped that would be true ... but for me, it has not proved to be the case. I'm one of the National Registry, and actually, that info isn't exceptionally helpful. I think that each of us must learn to be content to be an "experiment of one".

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