- POSTED ON: Jul 22, 2011


We are who we are
because of all the things we have done,
the choices we have made and not made,
and the experiences that we’ve had throughout our lives.

To be upset, to hold a grudge, or harbor a regret
about something that happened in our lives in our past
is a pointless waste of time and energy.

I’ve made some “incorrect” choices, but so what?
Those decisions led me down a different path
than I might have ended up on,
had I not made that choice,
But without it, I would most certainly, not be me.

 Would I be ANYTHING like the person I am today,
without many of those experiences?
I don’t think so.

I made many stupid decisions in my life,
and I made some very good ones as well.
All these decisions, good and bad, have fused together
into making me the unique person that I am today.

I am the sum of every experience that I have ever had in my life,
every decision that I have ever made, every concept I have ever learned,
and every lesson forgotten.

We are who we are, because
we have been who we have been.
This is what makes each of us a unique human being
each with our own set of gifts to offer the world. 

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