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- POSTED ON: Mar 23, 2014

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On Mar 23, 2014 Wellness wrote:
Top of the morning to you Granny! Wow, yes, I can attest that this is something I'm guilty of, and that many foods are most tasteful-er (if that is even a word :)!) than many and most people! Oh the shame, but the truth; it is all in good fun, I'm working on being more interested in people and valuing them, and I suppose that is the key, finding value in everything around us. Real easy with food though, LOL!!! May we all be granted a blissful day!

On Mar 23, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Wellness, I find it difficult not to overeat at social gatherings, and am familiar with the advice "Ignore the food and focus on the people, because THEY are why you're there." My reply is the FOOD is why I'm there. I'm just putting up with being around people to get it. =)

On Mar 23, 2014 sad wrote:
This is so true. Most people I couldnt care less about. I have my family and a few good friends but other than that... well... food is always there and tasty. And like the saying goes: Lots of things taste better than thin feels. :)

On Mar 23, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Sue, I love my family, and I enjoy social encounters with people one-on-one, but ... people in groups aren't my thing. Food, on the other hand, is my thing.

On Mar 23, 2014 Wellness wrote:
Oh Granny, that's so rich, all I can say to that is, hahahahaha! Thank you for making me happy!

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