I Think I Can

- POSTED ON: Sep 22, 2011


Our minds are powerful.
Not only does the brain control all of the body’s
functions, movements and reactions,
it also allows us to emote, remember, and think.

Our thoughts are also powerful.
 Lots of research shows that positive thinking
can help people be happier,
while negative thinking can make us feel bad,
reduce our self-worth, and diminish our chances
of reaching our goals.

If we don’t really believe we are capable
of something, we are less likely to try.
We create our own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Like Henry Ford said:
“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t,
you’re probably right.”

I work to keep my brain
from getting in the way of my goals.

We can achieve amazing things,
but we have to believe in ourselves,
even if no one else does.

Or, at the very least, stop telling ourselves
that we “can’t
or that we’ll fail again “just like we did before”.
A past failure at weight-loss, maintenance,
or anything else doesn’t dictate the future this time.
If anything, it makes us wiser and stronger for what’s ahead.

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