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- POSTED ON: Apr 08, 2014

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On Apr 08, 2014 herbsgirl wrote:
Dr Collins this reminds me of a few other sayings I live by/ and/or remember. One of them is from Flylady about housework, and I say it to myself "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family" and the other is from Reinhard Engels, in his book No S diet, it talks about the Minimum Effort of Compliance, how it is better to do a Minimum effort of something--a habit--over and over rather than just throw up our hands and not do it at all because it is too hard or we started out with too much. I am sure you are familiar with his principles. ;)

On Apr 19, 2014 Wellness wrote:
Well that is logical because we must first learn to do that "thing" that means something to us, and may make mistakes, and actually need to make mistakes so we can accept others' mistakes and learn to embrace and nurture others, you know, people skills, instead of just being this near perfect (which no one is perfect or can be really) person who can't relate to anything around us. So I see a lot in this.

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