Words of Wisdom


These are brief Inspirational Words of Wisdom videos.
Each video is approximately 20 seconds long...ranging from 10 to 30 seconds.
I created these Inspirational videos to help viewers engage in positive self-talk, 
so we can surround ourselves with positive images and thoughts.

To see the Videos, either click a drop down window under the Words of Wisdom Header,
or click the Wisdom index which is located near the top of the right-hand side of this DietHobby page.

 The Words of Wisdom section is divided into categories, which are:

Words of Wisdom: Access to individual videos.

Playlists: Words of Wisdom: Access to Playlists for Back-to-Back AutoPlay.

All Wisdom: An alphabetical index of all Words of Wisdom videos that have been posted here in this section. 

To make a Comment or ask Questions about Words of Wisdom
post your comment or question under an individual video.

NOTE: A Words of Wisdom playlist can be an extremely helpful tool
to promote Positive Thought which can help you with your Dieting efforts. 

An effective way to use a playlist.
While you are engaged in some other routine activity, such as washing dishes etc. 
click  "play all" at the top of the playlist page, and let it run for 5 -10 minutes or more
every day in the background. 

All of these videos (176 of them) can also be found under the title:  
Words of Wisdom 
within the section: RESOURCES, Videos

How to view Words of Wisdom videos in RESOURCES.

Clicking the DietHobby Heading:  RESOURCES will bring up a drop-down box,

as well as an index on the top right side of the page. Clicking on the word Videos will bring up the Videos page.

The Videos page shows videos divided into categories, each category has a name. 
Find the category: Words of Wisdom.

When you click on the Title (Words of Wisdom) or click an individual Words of Wisdom thumbnail, the Words of Wisdom section goes to the top of the page, and a featured Words of Wisdom video starts playing.

Underneath this featured video is a strip of video thumbnails. The title of the video will pop-up when you pause your mouse over an individual thumbnail within this strip. Directly beneath this strip is a horizonal scrollbar, which allows you to scroll back and forth between the individual video thumbnails. Clicking a thumbnail will move it into the featured position, and start it playing.

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