Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels - Diet Review
- POSTED ON: May 07, 2011

I am not a Jillian Michaels fan,  but I feel the podcast below is worth hearing
because it is an interesting demonstation of the shift that is taking place
in the thinking and beliefs of some of the the "mainline" diet gurus.


I plan to make reviewing various diets a normal part of DietHobby.
However, my typing abiliities are limited at present due to my broken wrist.

My personal position is that EVERY diet works for someone, and just because it might not fit into my lifestyle, or be right for me personally, doesn't mean it won't work for others.

I recently watched these video reviews and found them interesting and entertaining.Although they express a viewpoint FAR MORE NEGATIVE than my own,  I decided to include them here at DietHobby.

Click this link for an interesting video review of The Biggest Loser.

Click this link for an interesting video review about issues with Jillian Michaels' Diet Plan




In Denial
- POSTED ON: May 06, 2011




Being in Denial means:
“refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant”.

To succeed at weight-loss and maintenance of weight-loss
one must face and accept some essential unpleasant Truths.

One of these unpleasant Truths is: 

without some form of portion control,
an obese person cannot become normal size.

  Another of these unpleasant Truths is: 

 facing failures is necessary to achieve success.

Rule or Suggestion?
- POSTED ON: May 05, 2011

Which is actually better, a Rule or a Suggestion?

A Rule is –

a prescribed guide for conduct or action;
an order or direction;
a regulating principle;
a usually valid generalization;
a standard of judgment.

To Suggest is -

Suggest stresses putting into the mind by association of ideas,
awakening of a desire, or initiating a train of thought

to seek to influence;
to mention or imply as a possibility;
to propose as desirable or fitting;
to offer for consideration;
to serve as a motive or inspiration for.

A Suggestion is –

The process by which a physical or mental state
is influenced by a thought or idea.

The process by which one thought leads to another
especially through association of ideas.



Behavior vs Results
- POSTED ON: May 05, 2011



Even though the general scientific rule is "3500 calories = 1 fat lb",
that doesn't mean this loss (or gain) immediately shows on the scale.

Although, with effort, we can control what food goes into our body,
we cannot control what our body does with that food...
and the timing of how fat is lost is a very large part that we cannot control.

Our bodies are always shifting water about,
and the majority of our lean body weight is actually water.

Also, our bodies don't always react the same ways,
and just because we achieved the same result a few times,
doesn't mean the same behavior will always result in the same outcome.

I've found my predictions can be accurate IN GENERAL,
 but frequently are not SPECIFICALLY accurate.

Furthermore, even with careful weighing and measuring of food,
carefully reading all labels, along with the careful daily recording of our food,
all calorie counting is STILL only an ESTIMATE.

 We do the best we can.
But labels can have a 20% (or more) error,
the sugar count of fruits etc. can vary from season to season,
and there are often individual differences in the way we measure,
and the way the food company measures.

For example, I measure 1/4 cup of oatmeal as a level 1/4 cup,
but when that is compared to the gram weight on the label,
I see that the listed gram weight is the same to an amount that is below the rim of 1/4 cup.

Therefore, we do the best we can to measure and record the calories in what we eat,
but we must be aware that this is NOT an exact science, 
and most of our errors tend to be underestimates.

Regarding graphing data.
I have a great deal of personal data about my own calorie intake,
and my body weights etc.

I enjoy making graphs of that various data,
and am always looking for new ways to look at the data,
hoping that this will help me to spot something new.

 But the key words here are "I enjoy".
I find it an enjoyable pastime, but it isn't necessary,
and it really isn't all that helpful except to keep me focused on the issue.

Although I am responsible for my Behavior with food,
I am not responsible...and have no control...over the Results that my body gives me,
including the timing of the weights I see on the Scale.

- POSTED ON: May 04, 2011

Perseverance = Steadfastness

Steadfastness =

firmly fixed in place;
not subject to change;
firm in belief, determination or adherence;

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