Tiny Dishes for Petite Meals
- POSTED ON: Oct 24, 2017

I am a small, elderly, sedentary, reduced-obese female, who after a large weight-loss has now maintained my body at or near a “normal” BMI for more than 12 consecutive years. 

Eating Small to BE Small is the method by which this is being accomplished. 

Every day I work continually to restrict my food to very small portions;  weigh and measure my food; and record it all … every day… into a computer journal which provides me with a calorie count along with other nutritional values.  I’ve written many articles about my personal application of this method, and many of them are located in the DietHobby section BLOG CATEGORIES… Status Updates.

When working to eat small, I find it helpful to use tiny dishes, and even tiny flatware. Using a tiny plate instead of a regular size plate makes a big difference in the amount of personal eating satisfaction that I receive at mealtimes.

Here is a photo of a stack of my plates.  From Bottom to top: Regular size Dinner plate; Salad plate; 6 ½ inch saucer; 4 inch dessert plate.

The photo BELOW shows that these two 4 inch round sauce or dessert plates are about the same size as the palm of my hand.

I work to eat slowly in order to eat small, and using baby-size flatware slows me down, because a baby fork, or baby spoon holds a lot less food than regular-size utensils. 

Here are some comparison photos of
regular-size and baby-size flatware
when placed on:
a Dinner Plate;
a Salad Plate; and
a Dessert Plate.



The size BOWL one uses can also make a big difference. 
I normally eat from one-fourth cup, one-third cup, or one-half cup bowls.
On a rare occasion I choose to fill a 1-cup bowl, and when that happens,
I feel like I’m having a GIANT portion. 

On the far right of the photo ABOVE are two white bowls holding ¼ cup of flour. 
The top white bowl is a 1-cup bowl, the bottom white bowl is a ½-cup bowl. 
Above and to the left of that 1-cup white bowl is a 2-cup blue bowl,
and NOTE that the blue 2-cup bowl
is actually what MOST people consider to be a regular serving size dish.
(Not large or small, but "regular")

See more photos of my Measurement Tactics in DietHobby’s RESOURCES, Photo Gallery section.

Petite Meals in DietHobby’s RESOURCES, Photo Gallery Section shows many additional photos of dishes which contain foods prepared and eaten by ME. … Yummmm.

For a couple of helpful articles on this same subject, read:
Eat Small to BE Small, and Palm of the Hand.

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- POSTED ON: Oct 23, 2017

No Path
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Your Opinion
- POSTED ON: Oct 20, 2017

The Value of Food Photos
- POSTED ON: Oct 19, 2017


The majority of my food photos are “Examples” of the amounts and the types of the food that I normally eat.

I take photos when I find it to be convenient or helpful.  They are representative of my typical small meals, but are not intended to be a “complete record’ of my food intake.

For 13+ years, I’ve been weighing, measuring and recording all of my daily food into a computer food journal which provides me with calorie counts and other detailed information about the nutritional values of my food intake.

I am extremely fond of food, and I love to eat, but I very much want to keep my body at a “normal” size.  This requires ME, …. as a small, elderly, inactive, reduced obese female, …  to eat only a very small amount. 

Therefore, I’ve been pleased to learn that the process of setting up my meal, photographing it, then editing and posting it tends to provide me with additional food enjoyment.  Possibly because i am exposed to the food longer.  The additional time spent focusing on the actual food seems to make my meal feel - overall - more satiating, and satisfying.

I’ve been experimenting with taking photos of my food during the past several years.

When I first began making recipe videos, I took a photo of a serving of the food when completed, and published it along with the recipe and the video in order to provide information and perspective about the dish prepared.  See: Recipes.

As part of my own dieting hobby, I’ve also experimented with a great many different diets, and sometimes as a part of an experiment I involve myself with other people who are also working to follow that particular diet.

One unusual diet that I’ve experimented with is called the “Five-Bite Diet”.  For ME, the main attraction of that diet is the recommendation to eat very small amounts of food.  The diet claims to mimic the way that people eat after having a gastric-bypass and recommends eating very, very tiny meals. 

For those who are interested, my review of that particular diet is contained in the Blog Categories: Diet Reviews section.

My own experimentation, while observing and interacting with people working to follow that diet … as well as with the diet-creator himself, have resulted in some distinctive personal opinions about it, but whenever I consider writing an additional review about that subject, I wind up deciding: .. “Enough said”.

As part of my forum involvement with the above-mentioned diet, I began taking frequent photos of my meals in order to demonstrate the specific way that I chose to follow it.  I did this long enough to develop a personal method of taking and storing photos, and found taking photos so helpful to me personally that I’ve continued on with that practice during various other diet experiments as well.

I have a great many food photos located here at DietHobby in the section: RESOURCES, Photo Gallery

Although a link is provided, I'm including a brief visual demonstration to make it easy to remember how to Navigate to the Photo section, should you wish to return in the future to see new foods posted.

Below is a current Overview of my Photo Gallery.

DietHobby’s header shows nine Sections.  One of these sections is RESOURCES.  When you click the Resources Header, a drop down box appears which lists the option: Photo Gallery.

If you are using an iPhone, clicking MENU, which is located at the top left hand corner next to the DietHobby.com header, will bring up those same options. 

Below are the Guidelines for a personal diet that I created: "Taster’s Choice", which is a random-meal, small-eating Plan with a ceiling of around 700 calories.  My own personal preferred way-of-eating is to Restrict Calories, while keeping specific Amounts and specific Kinds of Food relatively Unrestricted. 

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