My First Cooking Videos

- POSTED ON: Feb 24, 2011


In a previous Blog, A Thousand Words AND Pictures,
I shared about my video adventures.
Those Videos are now all posted here on DietHobby.


In yesterday's Blog, When Life Takes You In A Different Direction,
I posted my Book Discussion Announcement Video.

My Cooking Videos are posted under RECIPES.
You can access them from the links at the right-side-top-of-the-main-page
or from the Recipes drop-down menu.

You can also find them under RESOURCES..... Videos.......Cooking Videos

Here's one of them.

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Existing Comments:

On Feb 24, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I love your video recipes. I hope you do have a million recipes to tape. Thank you dear friend! Running to a meeting tonight will post more tomorrow.

On Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen, Next month my son plans to teach me how to set up, shoot, and upload my own videos. So my success at that will determine the frequency of future cooking videos.

On Feb 26, 2011 TexArk wrote:
You may get your own cooking show or become a Youtube sensation! I love your casual style and how your personality comes through as well as the reality of the dribbling from the blender. You made me want to try the custard just so I can eat the tops. LOL

On Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks TexArk, That dribbling blender always seems to be a problem for me. When I did this video I made two batches, one to mix while another was cooking, so I wound up with 12 ramikins. This is a staple of my normal diet so I won't let anyone else eat any of my custards, and I just finished the last one, so today or tomorrow I'll be making more. And it will be custard tops with whipped cream cheese for me...YUMMM.

On Feb 27, 2011 Eileen7316 wrote:
I have now watched all the videos. My favorite is the egg white pancakes because of your cute giggle at the end. You really are a natural! And, you said, "I have a million of 'em" so I'm hoping they all get to video!

On Feb 27, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Eileen, when my son shot the video he wouldn't let me use a script or rehearse because he said he wanted me to be natural, so that's what we got. Now our plan is for him pick out equipment for me to buy and then teach me how to use it to make future videos myself. There appears to be no end for the need to learn new things.

On Feb 27, 2011 Eileen7316 wrote:
In addition to my previous comment, I had no information on EZ Sweetz, but did some research online. I just ordered a bottle from the company's website. I guess it's only available by mail order?

On Feb 27, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Eileen, you can always google online places, but personally, I like to get it from Netrition. You can find a link to Netrition under my Resources-links section under the heading: Tools. I'm planning to write future articles about the details of each of those tools.

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