10th Year Anniversary

- POSTED ON: Sep 21, 2014

I have now completed 10 consecutive years
of food tracking - writing all of my food into a computer food journal each and every day.

Congratulations to me!

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Existing Comments:

On Sep 22, 2014 Alma wrote:
Congratulations and now time to continue for more and more years!

On Sep 22, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thank you, Alma. I agree. Tracking my food in a computer journal has become an enjoyable habit, and is one of the main reasons I've been successful with weight-loss and long-term maintenance of that weight-loss. I am continuing on with this daily practice. Perhaps 10 years from now, I will have a 20th year Anniversary. I believe that if you've established a good habit that works for you, it would be foolish to abandon it.

On Sep 22, 2014 Alma wrote:
I made a change that appears to be minute but it is huge for my diet. I buy the large bag of fresh spinach. I place it into a gallon ziplock and toss into the freezer. Once it is frozen, it fractures into tiny pieces (no need to chop) and is ready to add to ANYTHING. I add it to all three meals. I do the same with frozen broccoli. The dark green veggies are part of my daily diet and necessary for many of my make ahead dinners.

On Sep 22, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Way to Go, Alma, very small behavior changes sometimes can cause big results.

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