Leaving Where You Are

- POSTED ON: Jul 11, 2014

  I don't know about this . . .
Sometimes we leave where we are
just because we've decided where we DON'T want to be.

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On Jul 11, 2014 Wellness wrote:
Greetings Granny, God willing all is well. There is truth in both statements and in my view works hand in hand. I truly do not want to live where we live now only because I want to be in better surroundings and I want us to be able to travel and help others with what we are learning; both my husband and I are students as well as him working, and we are a homeschooling family. My better surroundings, since we are unable to move right now, had to come from within, and having developed a peace of mind through various daily confirmations, and a health and fitness plan, now, leaving where I am because I have decided where I want to be and working towards that, changes the mindset of leaving where I am just because I have decided where I don't want to be. It is still good to decide where I don't want to be, but with purpose of deciding where I absolutely want to be. If we lack ambition, we usually don't want anything much, so where we are is just fine, so we may never leave or entertain the thought of leaving. In following one's dreams and being determined to reach and live those dreams, then one will leave or entertain leaving where they are, because a clear decision of where they want to be has been made. I like this and it is helping me to see now why more I want to leave and how I have come to that conclusion; and our family is on one accord with this mind set, so I thank God, we are working towards something better, and it starts right where we are; that realization is key! As always, thank you Granny, this one is essential for thought:)!

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