Unattainable Goal

- POSTED ON: Nov 07, 2018

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On Nov 07, 2018 Alma wrote:
As a woman, you and I know nothing is really unattainable. We have choices. We can extend our 10 hands, modify our approach and accomplish. I thought I had a GOAL to win the lottery but realize it is a WISH. I'll never give up! My weight loss is like looking at my future. I often tell people my future is inevitably DEATH and I am walking in a S L O W hurry. My weight is coming off the same way!

On Nov 07, 2018 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Alma. As a 74 year old woman I've learned that ther are some goals that I cannot attain. Many things in life are not within my personal control. For Example, no matter what I do, I cannot make my body grow taller or younger. I can strive to make positive Behavior choices, but even when this is successful some goal Results are unattainable. My body is going to do what it does. Death will happen when it happens. People around me will do what they do . **************************** "It is what it is". ****************************** I've learned that I need to truly face and to accept these facts in order to prevent being perpetually unhappy.

On Nov 08, 2018 Alma wrote:
You are right and I also am facing having to accept many things. When I drop something, I think, "Wow, the floor is further away". My town got hit with Michael and we are still cleaning up from that. I did find pulling branches to the street was a struggle. I enjoy doing many things and many I choose not to attempt anymore!

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