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- POSTED ON: Mar 08, 2017

Check out the latest updates to
the "
Individual" Words of Wisdom section
and the new BLOG CATEGORY, "
Status Updates"

TIP:  For a Timeline Feeling of how my most recent 6 years of maintenance have gone, start with the Oldest post in the Status Update Category, and read forward. (See page Directory at the page bottom). At present there are about 17 pages of 5 posts each.  To read from the oldest to the newest, start reading at the bottom post on each page of 5 posts, - when you've worked your way to the top post, click the next lower number of the page Directory at the page bottom....i.e. 15, then 14, then 13 etc.

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On Mar 08, 2017 Kae wrote:
wow I did not realize you had made so many words of wisdom vids :O as I appreciate your wisdom and enjoy "seeing" you I have decided to watch one a day until I've seen them all :D

On Mar 08, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Kimber, Thanks for your interest. Of course, all of my videos are already on YouTube and Vimeo, but I still have about 30 left to load into my Individual "Words of Wisdom" DietHobby section. I plan on finishing up that chore - at the rate of 1 or 2 a day - during this next month or so. I'm choosing not to post them all at once because DietHobby automatically sends out an e-mail notice - but THEN, directs the viewer back to the main Blog ...(instead of the Individual Words of Wisdom section)... where no such new post exists. Tech doesn't want to fix it because he is working on a whole new update of DietHobby's inner workings to make it more accessible for iPhones... to be ready sometime soon I hope.

On Mar 08, 2017 Kae wrote:
I am sure I have seen a lot of the videos already but I am guessing there are a lot I've missed so I'm looking forward to my daily dose of words of wisdom :) I am looking forward to the update that will make it more iphone friendly as then I can add if for no other reason than to see how that works .. who knows maybe I will add a daily visit to diet hobby when I'm perusing the news every morning :D and finally I am looking forward the the new videos (although they are on you tube I choose to view them here lol)

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