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- POSTED ON: May 17, 2012

DietHobby is a place of encouragement and support.
I need encouragement and support as I make my way through Life's path.
This is why DietHobby exists. 

I share many of my thoughts and feelings here, in writing and in videos. 
My daily eating choices, and my behavior with food … is an ongoing part of my life. 
It is a thread that weaves its way throughout my life, 
and I look at dieting as one of my ongoing hobbies
which is simply a part of my total Lifestyle. 

My way of thinking is connected to my way of eating. 
I am the one who chooses what I think about. 
I am the one who decides where to put my focus. 
I am the one who has the power to direct my mind toward the positive. 

DietHobby is a way to help me do that. 
Part of helping myself is to share my thoughts with you. 
Perhaps you will find some of these writings and videos encouraging and supportive to you
as you travel, in your own individual way,
 down the path that Life has put before you. 
The way that I choose to eat, doesn't have to be the way you choose to eat.  
What works for me may be different than what works for you.  

But, perhaps you will find it helpful to take in my information, 
and shift it through your mind, accepting some things, rejecting other things. 
Blending some of the things you read and hear at DietHobby together with your own valuable truths 
might be exactly what you need to move you toward your own individual Life goals.  

DietHobby already has a great deal of content. 
You can find many things here in this website. … and as I live through the days and weeks,
I continue to think,
 so More will be coming.   
Look around, get it know DietHobby, see if it is something that will fit into your support structure.
Take what you like, and leave the rest. 

Leave me a comment.

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