It's a Good Day

- POSTED ON: May 02, 2012



Today is a good day.
Nothing has changed, but I'm feeling good,
and I love my website, DietHobby.
So it goes in a one-day-at-a-time lifestyle.

I enjoyed this amusing little video that I found on YouTube,
and thought it was a pretty good representation of the battle with sweets.
Perhaps you'll like itl too.

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Existing Comments:

On May 02, 2012 Karen925 wrote:
I am glad things are looking better. I am enjoying my foray with IF.

On May 02, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Karen. I've found Intermittent fasting... having some very low calorie days alternated with normal calorie days... to be a very effective strategy. I did it quite a long time here in maintenance -- hoping that it would cause me to lose 5 stubborn pounds,(it didn't), I found it a reasonable maintenance tool, but sometimes it did seem to trigger a binge-fast mode, because after the first six months to a year, I found myself frequently overeating more and more on the "normal" days.

On May 02, 2012 sad wrote:
Very cute but If it were me I think Id stop singing after the first chorus lol

On May 02, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Suzanne. That would seem to make sense, but despite all the damage that sugar has caused to my own body, I still want to eat those cookies, and that candy, cake, pie, and doughnuts. I'm reduced the amount of sweets that I eat, but even though I know that one taste isn't going to be enough, that it makes me fat, and that it sometimes makes me feel so sick that I'll have to lie down, I still have not totally eliminated it from my life.

On May 03, 2012 kimberchick wrote:
lol ... but I'm w/sad, I'd defintely stop singing after sugar smacked me a couple of times upside the head :-) I'm a huge sugar addict but I'm trying (it's a process lol) to quit sugar! My mom did last year and, @ 73 yrs young, she claims she feels "better than I ever have" :-o So I keep trying ... taking it, as you recommend, one day @ a time :-) I'll keep you posted on how it's going ...

On May 03, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi kimberchick... might stop SINGING IT, but it doesn't seem to keep us from EATING IT. =D

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