Adding New Section to DietHobby

- POSTED ON: Apr 14, 2012


I am working on adding a new section here at DietHobby
located under the Heading "GRANDMA".

This involves transferring about 43 videos as blogs into that section,
and the way this website is designed,
an automatic e-mail gets sent to everyone whenever a blog gets posted, 
which all of you guys could find quite annoying.  

You may have noticed that, for the present, I've chosen 
to have no advertisements on my videos and websites.
Eventually, I'll be adding some back on the website,
but I'm going to do everything I can reasonably do,
to keep most of the videos ad free.
So, for now, I hope you enjoy having an environment 
free of advertising, as much as I do. 

Leave me a comment.

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