Another New Beginning

- POSTED ON: Mar 31, 2012



Because of my involvement with my DietHobby YouTube Channel,
I am aware that this weekend is the start of Spring Break - Easter Vacation.

Easter and Spring both symbolize the spirit of New Beginnings. 

I want one. .. a new beginning, starting from where I am right now. 

I enjoy feeling excited about a new diet, 

that feeling of hope that THIS could be the eating plan 

that will eliminate some of my remaining body fat, and 

become a pleasant way to eat that I will want to embrace forever.

For quite a while now, I've been feeling cynical,

while patiently putting one-foot-in-front-of-the-other 

with regards to my eating lifestyle. 

This gradual weight creep here in maintenance, 

which I've previously described here at DietHobby,

has been sapping my energy and 

I've been fighting a discouraging fear that my body will return to obesity,

despite all of my years and years of consistent and continual faithful effort.

 I'm growing annoyed with the nutritional and diet "experts". 

The behaviorists, the nutritionists, and the psychologists. 

They aren't answering the questions I have, 

but continue to either

offer the conventional wisdom which is no longer working for me,

or provide unusual ways of eating that seem unworkable and foreign to me.

My search of Amazon isn't revealing any new and interesting diet books.

Sometimes, like today, I find myself questioning everything I've ever been taught.

I feel rebellious, and resentful, and depressed. 

I want to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, in whatever amounts that I want. 

 It is no wonder that Intuitive Eating Concepts are so appealing to so many people. 

In essence they say that one CAN… 

just as long as one listens carefully to their body.

But…this never works with a body that can't be trusted,

and a mind where a large part of  thinking is also distorted….

My personal answer is to continue doing what I'm doing,

until something better presents itself. 

Today I'm in a rather negative mood, but it will pass, 

and after more effort toward positive thinking,  a good mood will come.

If I  log in all my food, and do my best to keep my calories down...

when my good mood returns, 

I won't be any fatter than I am right now.  


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Existing Comments:

On Apr 01, 2012 rroush wrote:
The process to maintain is forever and sometimes this gets really old. As you know, I wax and wan with my efforts to be on the higher end of maintenance versus the lower end. Obviously, this coincides with my level of effort and motivation. Sometimes I'm highly motivated and other times I'm just not. As long as one isn't too unmotivated for too long, your last line definitely applies! :) Hope you find new information/reading soon that is inspiring and helpful instead of just regurgitation of the same ole stuff. If you do, let us know! :)

On Apr 01, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Rebecca, this weekend I've been researching a plan that I, personally, have never tried involving (... GASP !!!..) primarily dumping processed food, including wheat and oats, ...and eating protein, veggies, and a small amount of fruit. I haven't decided whether I'm ready to experiment with it, even for a limited time ... because this particular plan involves eliminating some of my favorite zero calorie foods, like diet cokes & my splenda-sweet tea. I'm giving myself some time to consider whether I'll experiment with it or not . But is IS something I haven't done. =D BTW, I saw the movie, Hunger Games, and LOVED It.

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