Choosing Our Focus

- POSTED ON: Feb 25, 2012


Here at DietHobby, I've been having a lot of fun with new designs.
Some technical aspects of this website are attracting me today,
and I want to start playing with them.

Still, I need to continue to eat reasonably,
and I want to write something encouraging this morning.
However, I find myself distracted by my current tasks
and am having trouble thinking of anything
motivational or inspirational to share this morning.

Life continues to happen to us all.
Somehow in order to lose weight or maintain weight-loss,
each of us needs to keep our focus
on how, what, and the amount of food that we eat
… throughout and despite ...
life's multitude of events and occasions.

Every day is just one more day in life.

Each of us chooses, every day, where to put our focus,
and chooses whether or not to follow through with what it takes
to sustain the kind of consistent behavior
which is necessary for us to achieve
our most important personal goals.

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