Taking Responsibility

- POSTED ON: Feb 15, 2012


Today I'm taking responsibility for myself. 
Yesterday, I ate "too much"  from the heart-shaped box of candy
that I received from my husband for Valentine's Day.

He wasn't sabotaging my maintenance efforts.
This was a gift that I wanted,
and one that he knew I wanted. 

Each chocolate that I ate was my own choice,
and my personal responsibility. 
I knew that one chocolate was between 80 and 100 calories.
I knew that keeping the box in plain sight on the kitchen table
would make me return to it again and again.
Despite this knowledge I made this personal choice for myself. 

During the day, each time I ate from the box,
I went over to my computer
and entered the food into my DietPower food log. 
I was aware of what I was doing
for all of the time that I did it. 
I made the choice. 
It was my own activity.
I, alone, am responsible.

Now, I must cut back on my food calorie intake for the rest of the week. 
I engaged in weight-gaining behavior,
now I must engage in weight-loss behavior. 
Bummer .... but so it goes here in Maintenance. 


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