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- POSTED ON: Nov 18, 2011

On my YouTube DietHobby channel,
I frequently get messages like this: 

I need to lose weight fast, please help,
what should I eat and not eat. 

Here is an example of my reply:

My website, at is where you should go

for information about dieting and weight loss.

That is the way I can give people information

without saying the same thing over and over. 

But I do have a little bit of time right now,

so you can start with this information,

and then for more information go there. 

Almost no one loses fat pounds fast. 

During the first two weeks of sticking to a diet,

most people lose about 5 to 7 lbs, but most of that is because

a person has less water and waste in their body. 

After a couple of weeks their body stops losing weight

until their water/waste issues readjust,

that is when most people quit their diet.

When they quit that water/waste weight returns immediately. 

If they stay with it, then eventually they will lose

an average of about 1 to 2 lbs of fat lbs per week. 

In order to lose weight, how much you eat

is much more important than what you eat. 

Food provides energy for the body.

The energy in that food is measured

by the number of calories in it.

In order for your body to lose weight,

it must take in less energy than the body uses. 

Almost all diets say to avoid foods that are fried

(like french fries, potato chips etc),

or high fat (like butter, salad dressings, oils, cream, cheese),

and foods made with sugar (candy, cake, pie, cookies)

and white flour  (bread, crackers plus cake cookies biscuits.).

and to eat only small amounts of carbs

(oats, wheat, grains, rice, potatoes, corn, beans) 

This is because these are the foods that have

a lot of calories packed into a small amount of food. 

Most diets also say to eat mostly lean meats, eggs,

green leafy vegetables, and vegetables like green beans,

brocolli, cauliflour, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes.

This is because these are the foods that have lots of nutrients

but less calories and so people can have larger amounts of these foods. 

Personally, I think the best diet is a diet that a person can live with

and stay on forever.  If you want to know what, and how much that I eat,

watch my cooking videos. These can give you ideas

of what and how much to eat if you want to lose weight. 

Most people do better by limiting the times they eat also eating only 3 meals a day without snacking,,,

or no more than 1 very small snack between each of those meals.

If you are going to have a meal consisting of things

like a hamburger and french fries and a soda,

then you would buy one hamburger and eat only about half of it,

and eat only about 10 of your french fries,

(give away or throw away the rest) and drink a diet soda.

These are very general ideas about dieting.

For specific ideas, read the information at my DietHobby website. 


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