Unwecome Truths

- POSTED ON: Nov 06, 2011

Life contains many unwelcome Truths.
Not all Truths are pleasant.
Many of them are quite uncomfortable.
Without going into specifics, when thinking of this issue,
many of these unwelcome Truths come to mind.

However, Accepting a fact as true
doesn't mean that I have to think negatively about it.
That Truth can mean whatever I choose it to mean.
This is what is called....Positive Thinking.

Another way to describe that positive - negative thinking concept
is the half-empty glass vs. the half-full glass perception.
I have the ability to direct my thoughts, and
to train myself to think in a positive way.

Thinking in a negative way brings on uncomfortable emotions,
like sadness, anger, resentment, and hatred.
However, thinking in a negative way brings on comfortable emotions,
like acceptance, peace, serenity, happiness and love.

Positive thinking makes us feel better,
which gives us a happier life,
and better equips us to handle life's difficulties. ..
including the struggle involved in the issues of weight-loss and maintenance.

In order to help train one's mind to think positively,
it is helpful to fill it with positive concepts.
This is the primary purpose of my "Words of Wisdom" videos.
These videos consist of a person dressed attractively,
placed in an attractive background,
quoting positive truths and sayings.

The "Words of Wisdom" videos are meant to be watched again and again,
in order to direct one's mind away from the negative and toward the positive.
You can find a Playlist here at DietHobby, under RESOURCES.

Words of Wisdom Playlist is programmed
to enable you to run these 20 second videos back-to-back automatically,
so that these short videos can play in the background while you complete other tasks.
This can be a positive and helpful tool, if a person does it for 5 or 10 minutes every day.

Each video also has a link in the upper right and left hand corners
labeled "Previous" and "Next" to help with manual navigation thru the video series. 

Even if you are not following my “Ask Grandma” video series
you'll want to watch this video  because it is very relevant to this website.
Click : “
Teddy Bear Tea Party" to see the video,
which is located in DietHobby under RESOURCES, Videos, Ask Grandma

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